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Members of the BBS Council 2020
  • ADAMS, Dr K.J. (Librarian).
  • BAKER, Dr A. (Website Editor).
  • BURTON, Dr M.A.S. (President).
  • CAPORN, Prof S.J.M. (Elected Member).
  • CRITTENDEN, M. (Elected Member).
  • GODFREY, M.F. (Past President and Education Officer).
  • HALPIN, C. (Elected Member).
  • HODGETTS, N.G. (Recorder for Liverworts).
  • KUNGU, Dr E.M. (Vice-President).
  • MARTIN, P.G. (Membership Secretary).
  • PESCOTT, Dr O.L. (Recording Secretary).
  • PILKINGTON, S.L. (Recorder for Mosses).
  • PRESTON, Dr C.D. (Joint Editor of Field Bryology – the Bulletin).
  • QUARTLY-BISHOP, G. (Treasurer).
  • ROTHERO, G.P. (Conservation Officer).
  • RUFFINO, L. (Meetings Secretary).
  • SCOTT, D.J. (General Secretary).
  • STRIBLEY, M. (Elected Member).
  • THOMPSON, P. (Elected Member).
  • WHITELAW, Dr M. (Joint Editor of Field Bryology – the Bulletin).

Also attending in non-voting capacity:

  • BELL, Dr N.E. (Journal Managing Editor).

(Last updated February 2020)

The contact details for the General Secretary are:

General Secretary, British Bryological Society: Jeff Scott


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