British Bryological Society

Membership application: by post

Please print and complete this form, and mail to:
Mr P Martin, 60 West Street, Tetbury, Gloucester, GL8 8DR, U. K.

Name: _______________________________________ Title: _______

Address: _____________________________________





Email address: __________________________________________

I hereby apply for *Ordinary / Junior or Student / Family membership of the British Bryological Society and agree to abide by the Rules of the Society. I enclose a cheque for £_______ made payable to British Bryological Society as subscription for year 201__ . (See Membership information for methods of payment.)

Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________

For Student members - Date of Birth: ___________

If over 21: Institution: _______________________

*Delete where not applicable

When completed, send to the BBS Membership Secretary at the address at the top of the form.