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  • The Society is a registered charity (No. 228851) which exists to promote a wider interest in all aspects of bryology. It provides tuition, organizes meetings, facilitates research and aids measures for conservation. Its worldwide membership, both amateur and professional, is actively engaged in field studies as well as laboratory-based subjects; members' interests in taxonomy, distributional recording, exploration and ecology, and in physiology, cyto-genetics and molecular biology, are served and encouraged by the Society. With their combined experience, the Society is thus able to offer specialized advice and balanced judgement on matters of public concern affecting mosses and liverworts.

Benefits of Membership


  • A week or fortnight of field work twice yearly during spring and summer in Great Britain and Ireland, or abroad.
  • Paper-reading sessions, demonstrations, a field excursion and the AGM encompassed within one weekend in autumn.
  • Workshop weekends giving practical guidance in selected topics. Occasional symposia on specialised themes.
  • Details of future meetings are published in Field Bryology.

Serial publications

  • Journal of Bryology, published in two parts annually, containing original research papers, book reveiews, lists of recent bryological literature etc.
  • Field Bryology, giving news, notices and articles of general interest in two issues each year.
  • Special Volumes, an occasional series of introductory guides to bryological subjects.
    For more details, see publications for sale.

    Projects for members

  • Recording of bryophyte distribution in Great Britain and Ireland on vice-county, 10km grid square and, locally, on a tetrad basis.
  • Involvement in the compilation of a Red Data Book of endangered species to assist in conservation measures.
  • Promotion of work on tropical bryophytes.

    Services to members

  • A panel of referees is ready to help with bryophyte identification.
  • An herbarium of voucher specimens may be consulted on request.
  • A collection of colour transparencies is available on loan.
  • An extensive library of bryological books and reprints is maintained for the benefit of members.
  • The Reading Circle circulates to subscribers the contents lists of main overseas bryological journals as they are published.


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