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Field Bryology - Previous Issues 2013-15

Articles in theses issues are available via the links below as Acrobat PDF files.

Volume 109 May 2013

Sematophyllum substrumulosum: a rapidly changing picture Sam Bosanquet
Tree Moss Climacium dendroides in Shropshire Lisa Barlow
BAP surveillance in Scotland Nick Hodgetts, Gordon Rothero & Dave Genney
A new record of Grimmia crinita in England Howard Wallis

Bryophytes Abroad
Mountains and islands: in search of bryophytes in Greece Tom Blockeel

Meeting Reports
BBS Spring Meeting 2012 Diane Dobson et al.
BBS Summer Meeting 2012 Mark Hill, Jo Denyer et al.
Pleurocarp workshop 2012 Martin Godfrey

News and Society Business

Future meetings

New County Records
Hepaticae Sam Bosanquet
Musci Tom Blockeel

Last word
Conferva zygodontis from Norfolk. Mary Ghullam & Robin Stevenson



Volume 110 November 2013

Telaranea europaea, new to Wales Malcolm Watling
A preliminary review of the genus Oxystegus in Britain and Ireland  Tom Blockeel
Rare and scarce bryophytes of Ireland  Nick Hodgetts & Neil Lockhart
Wound dressings in World War I: the kindly Sphagnum moss  Peter Ayres
Tales of the unexpected, no. 2: Ulota calvescens in the southern Pennines  Tom Blockeel & Johnny Turner

Bryophytes abroad
Hornwort heaven   Silvia Pressel, Jeff Duckett & Juan Carlos Villarreal

Rare and interesting 12   Mark Hill

Meeting reports 
BBS Autumn 2012 meeting Jo Denyer et al.
BBS Spring 2013 meeting  Jeff Bates
BRECOG meeting Martin Godfrey 
IAB Field meeting Sam Bosanquet 

Book review

News and Society business

Future Meetings and Courses

Marchantia polymorpha under the lens  Des Callaghan




Volume 111 May 2014

Tomentypnum nitens (Woolly Feather-moss) rediscovered in Norfolk. Julia Masson & Robin Stevenson
Observations on fruiting populations of Tomentypnum nitens. Rod Corner
St Kilda revisited: Bryophytes on the edge of the world. Ron Porley, Nick Hodgetts & Clare Rickerby
Monitoring the impacts of ash dieback on epiphytic bryophytes. Oliver Pescott & Chris Preston
Ceratodon conicus: Scarce Redshank or Common Patio Moss? Peter Martin
Rimbachia neckerae: a rare moss fungus. Tom Preece

Bryophytes abroad
There and back again: an eagerly awaited journey to a primitive paradise. William Rimington, Jeff Duckett & Katie Field

Rare and interesting 13  Oliver Pescott & Chris Preston

Meeting reports 
BBS Summer 2013 meeting: Kinlochewe. Oliver Pescott
BBS Summer 2013 meeting: Raasay. Nick Hodgetts
Border Bryologists 2014 meeting. Mark Lawley
Acrocarps Workshop. Sharon Pilkington
Bryum Workshop. Martin Godfrey

News and Society business

New County Records
The hepatic year - 2013 Sam Bosanquet
The moss year - 2013 Tom Blockeel

A reduced peristome in Entosthodon obtusus. Howard Matcham


Volume 112 November 2014

Pohlia scotica –a neglected endemic moss. Gordon Rothero
Sematophyllum demissum in Wales. Des Callaghan
Petrifying Springs in Wales. Jonathan Graham & Gareth Farr
Perrier site (Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne, France) and the conservation of troglodytic bryophytes. Vincent Hugonnot & Florine Pépin

Bryophytes abroad
Desert Island Delights: the Bryophytes of Ascension Island. Silvia Pressel, Howard Matcham, Catherine Supple & Jeff Duckett

Meeting reports 
BBS Annual Meeting 2013: London. Jeff Duckett
BBS Spring Meeting 2014: Rolveden. Tom Ottley
Orthotrichum Workshop. Tom Blockeel

News and Society business

Splachnum Des Callaghan


Volume 113 May 2015

The substrate associations of Tetraplodon mnioides. Fiona Cameron
Mielichhoferia in the British Isles. Fred Rumsey
Swann’s Crystal Ball: Seeking Species in the Sixties. Robin Stevenson
Dead wood comes alive. Erik Aude, Klaas van Dort, Rasmus Fuglsang Frederiksen & Sally Gadsdon
Rhizoidal tubers in Pleuridium acuminatum. Nick Law & Tom Blockeel
Making permanent slides of delicate liverworts. David Copestake
Investigating the impact of ash dieback: A short update on the SPLASH project. Oli Pescott & Chris Preston

Beginner’s Corner
Fissidens: a few shortcuts. Sharon Pilkington

Rare and Interesting

Meeting reports
BBS Summer Meeting 2014: Killin, Scotland


News and Society business

New County Records
The liverwort year - 2014. Sam Bosanquet
The moss year - 2014. Tom Blockeel



Volume 114 November 2015

Revision of the Flora (Protection) Order in the Republic of Ireland. Nick Hodgetts, Neil Lockhart & Christina Campbell
Ants, and their use of Sphagnum & other mosses. Robin Stevenson & Julia Masson
Notes on bryophytes of The Long Mynd, Shropshire. Des Callaghan
Hunting high and low for Hylocomium in Ireland. Hazel Cathcart & Kayla Wilkins

Meeting reports

BBS Autumn Meeting 2014: Edinburgh
BBS additional Autumn Meeting 2014: Newcastleton
BBS Spring Meeting 2015: Renfrewshire

Book review

News and Society business

Changes to the Membership List, October 2015

Future meetings and Courses

Ex situ conservation of the Macaronesian endemic Grimmia curviseta. Alexandra Rodriguez


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