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Bryological Journals

Earlier versions of this list have been published in Bull. BBS 44: 35-39 (1984), and in Flora Online 24 (1990). It is intended to be complete, but obviously will not be so. We would be grateful for any additions, corrections or comments (however slight) to any section, which will be used to keep this list up-to-date. Please email to Brian O'Shea.

The list is in 3 sections:

NB Journals are in English unless otherwise stated.


Journals devoted specifically to bryophytes (sometimes also including lichens)

Where websites are available, the name of the journal in the following list is highlighted in italics. When you get to the journal, clicking on the name will take you to the website.


Advances in Bryology

Publisher: International Association of Bryologists
First year: 1981
Periodicity: 1/2yrs
Contact: Editor: Dr. R.E. Longton, Dept. of Botany, Plant Science Labs, Whiteknights, PO Box 221, University, Reading RG6 2AS, UK. Email: Royce Longton
Description: 'It has as its aim, the presentation of authoritative and up-to-date reviews, essays and surveys of the different fields of bryology, written by established authors, many of whom are leaders in their fields.'


Publisher: Michael S. Ignatov
First year: 1992
Periodicity: 1-2/yr
Contact: Editor: Michael S. Ignatov, Botanicheskaya 4, Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia 127276 Moscow ( (Subscriptions can be obtained via the International Association of Bryology (IAB), c/o Dr. D.H. Vitt, Department of Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA (, payable in US dollars.)
Description: A journal of bryology published from Moscow, covering especially the territory of the former USSR. Papers are in English or Russian (with abstracts in Russian or English respectively). The majority of the papers have been in English.



Publisher: ?
First year: ?
Periodicity: ?
Contact: Gary Merrill. Email: Gary Merrill
Description: Newsletter dealing with midwestern U.S. bryology.


Australasian Bryological Newsletter

Publisher: (Duplicated)
First year: 1979
Periodicity: 2/yr
Contact: Editor: Sarah Harvey (
Description: An informal newsletter to serve the interests of amateur and professional bryologists in Australia and New Zealand (Australasia), in the absence of any local bryological society. It is published biannually (usually June and December) and provides news and information on research, workshops and other bryological activities in the Australasian region. Includes short articles, news of local activities, overseas visitors, annual list of publications on Australian bryophytes. Copies of the newsletters can be downloaded in PDF format from the web page.

Newsletters up to #66 (August 2015) may be downloaded here.

Recent newsletters are available for download here, and the latest are available below.


Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Briología

Publisher: Sociedad Española de Briología
First year: 1992
Periodicity: 2/yr
Contact: (Secretary) Ricardo Garilleti, Departamento de Botánica, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Valencia, Burjasot, E-46100, Valencia, Spain. e-mail:
Description: Bulletin of the Spanish Bryological Society. From vol. 17, copies are available on the web site. In Spanish or English.



Publisher: Sociedad Latinoamericana de Briología
First year: 1983
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: Editor: Dr. Claudio Delgadillo M., Instituto de Biología, UNAM, Apartado Postal 70-233, Delegación Coyoacán 04510 México, D.F. MÉXICO. (
Description: Information bulletin of the SLB, written in Spanish and Portuguese. Contains details of new members, book reviews, recent publications, expeditions, SLB business etc. It is now published electronically (click on Briolatina heading above), but can be downloaded in MS Word format.




Publisher: Finnish Bryological Society
First year: 1992
Periodicity: irregular
Contact: (Editorial) Sinikka Piipo, Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki, PO Box 47, SF-00014 Helsinki, Finland ( (Distributor/subscriptions) Bookstore Tiedekirja, Kirkkokatu 14, SF-00170 Helsinki, Finland (
Description: An irregular publication, normally with one article (or a group of related articles) per volume.


Publisher: Finnish Bryological Society
First year: 1991
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: (to follow).
Description: Usually in Finnish, but some in English.


Bryological Research

Publisher: Bryological Society of Japan.
First year: 1996
Periodicity: 3/yr
Contact: Editor. Dr. M. Higuchi Department of Botany, National Science Museum, 4-1-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0005, Japan (
Description: Formerly Proceedings of the Bryological Society of Japan (see Extinct journals). Includes news and notes as well as research articles, particularly relating to Japan.


The Bryological Times

Publisher: International Association of Bryologists
First year: 1980
Periodicity: 4/yr
Contact Editior: Geert Raeymaekers, Ecosystems LTD, Generaal Wahisiaan 21, B-1030 Brussels, Belgium (
Description: Newsletter of the IAB - intended to 'keep people up-to-date with bryological activities in all parts of the world, and to provide a means of seeking help with everyday bryological problems.'


The Bryologist

Publisher: American Bryological and Lichenological Society
First year: 1898
Periodicity: 4/yr
Contact: Editor: Dr. D.H. Vitt, Department of Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA (
Description: Up to a half of each issue devoted to lichens. Principal outlet for American bryologists.



Publisher: Czech Botanical Society.
First year: 1988
Periodicity: 2/yr.
Contact: (Editor) Jan Kucera, University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Branisovska 31, CZ - 370 05 Ceske Budejovice (
Description: Newsletter of the Bryological and Lichenological Section of the Czech Botanical Society. In Czech, Slovak and occasionally in German or English, but always with English abstracts. Contents and abstracts from recent issues are held on the web site. Includes regular listings of Czech and Slovak bryological and lichenological publications.


Bryophyte Interest Group (Tasmania) Newsletter

Publisher: Bryophyte Interest Group (Tasmania).
First year: 1999
Periodicity: 2/yr.
Contact: A. Buchanan
Description: A one page newsletter of the Bryophyte Interest Group (Tasmania).




Publisher: Bryologische en Lichenologische Werkgroep van de KNNV; Natuurpunt; Vlaamse Werkgroep Bryologie e Lichenologie.
First year: 1972
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: Rienk-Jan Bijlsma (
Description: In Dutch. Consists largely of reports of excursions in the Netherlands, giving phytosociological description and recent history of the areas visited, together with species lists and habitat details. Literature reviews and short items also included.


Publisher: Chinese Botanical Society, c/o China Ocean Press, 8 Dahuisi Rd., Haidian District, Beijing 100093, P.R. China
First year: 1993
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: Editors: P.-C. Wu, B.C. Tan & Y. Jia
Description: In Chinese with English abstracts.


Cryptogamie, Bryologie

Publisher: ADAC (Association des amis des cryptogames)
First year: 1999
Periodicity: 4/yr
Contact: Denis Lamy, Chief Editor, Depart. Systématique et Evolution, Cryptogamie, 12 rue Buffon, 75005 Paris, France ( For subscriptions: Edith Bury (
Description: An international bryological journal, mainly in English, and a wide spread of topics.



Publisher: American Bryological and Lichenological Society
First year: 1984
Periodicity: 3/yr
Contact: Dr. R.E. Magill, Bryology Laboratory, Missouri Botanical Garden, PO Box 299, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299, USA. (
Description: Information bulletin of the ABLS. Aimed primarily at the knowledgeable amateur. Includes techniques for identification, county lists, preliminary research results.


Field Bryology

Publisher: British Bryological Society
First year: 2004
Periodicity: 3/yr
Contact: Editor: H.J.M. Yeo, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough, PE1 1JY, UK. (
Description: Articles of interest to field bryologists, particularly in the UK, together with proceedings and news of the British Bryological Society.


Publisher: (from vol. 16), published and printed by druck-zuck GmbH, Halle (S.)
First year: 1968
Periodicity: 2/yr
Contact: For subscriptions: Dr. Felix Schumm, Schreiberstr. 36, D - 70199 Stuttgart, Germany.
For submission of contributions: Dr. R. Stordeur, Martin-Luther-Universität, Institut für Geobotanik und Botanischer Garten, Neuwerk 21, D-06108 Halle, Germany.
Description: Journal of BLAM. In German or English, with summaries in both languages. A general journal of original research papers on taxonomy, ecology and distribution of bryophytes and lichens; includes book reviews.

Journal of Bryology

Publisher: Maney Publishing, for the British Bryological Society
First year: 1972
Periodicity: 4/yr
Contact: Managing Editor: Liz Kungu Email:
Description: Journal of Bryology is an international botanical periodical which exists to promote the scientific study of bryophytes (mosses, peat-mosses, liverworts and hornworts) and to foster understanding of the wider aspects of bryology, such as the role of bryophytes in human affairs, and the lives of notable bryologists. For more information please visit


Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory

Publisher: Hattori Botanical Laboratory
First year: 1947
Periodicity: 2/yr
Contact: Editor: Dr. Z. Iwatsuki, Hattori Botanical Laboratory, Okazaki Branch, 10-3 Mutsuna-shin-machi, Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken 444, Japan. Email:
Description: A luxuriously produced hardback. Some papers on lichens, otherwise purely bryological. Specialises in longer papers of high standard. Asiatic and Pacific studies are well represented.


Publisher: Nordic & Dutch Bryological Societies
First year: 1971
Periodicity: 3/yr
Contact: Editor: Sigurd M. Såstad, Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, NTNU, N-7491 Trondheim, Norway.
Description: A general bryological journal of original research papers, written in English. Now available as an open access journal with pdfs of papers being available for download.



Publisher: Schweizerischen Vereinigung für Bryologie und Lichenologie
First year: 1992
Periodicity: 2/yr (April & November)
Contact: (Editor) Niklaus Müller, Institut für Systematische Botanik, Zollikerstrasse 107, CH-8008 Zürich, Switzerland. (Subscription) Elizabeth Feldmeyer-Christe, WSL, Zürcherstrasse 111, CH-8903 Birmensdorf, Switzerland.
Description: A newsletter giving information on the association's doings, reports on meetings and excursions, information for those who wish to improve their taxonomic knowledge and in floristics, and research results of members (largely amateur). Written in the four Swiss national languages and in English. (See also Bryol. Times 66-67: 6 (1992).). The contents list for each issue is available on the website, as are email contact details. The website can be seen in German, French or English.


Mossen Inventarisatie Nieuwsbrief (probably extinct)

Publisher: ? KNNV (see Buxbaumiella)
First year: 1994
Periodicity: ? 1/yr
Contact: See Buxbaumiella?
Description: In Dutch. No longer being published (May 2001).



Publisher: Vlaamse Werkgroep Bryologie en Lichenologie
First year: 1981
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: Herman Stieperaere, Nationale Plantentuin van Belgie, Domein de Bouchout, B-1860 Meise, Belgium.
Description: Floristics of Belgian bryophytes; excursion reports and short articles on general bryological topics. Written in Dutch, with English summaries.


Publisher: Mossornas Vänner
First year: 1991
Periodicity: 2/yr
Contact: (Subscriptions) Henrik Weibull, Blodstensv. 13, S-752 58 Uppsala, Sweden (
Description: Medium for Swedish amateur bryologists. It reports on excursions and new literature, finds of species new to Nordic countries and other biogeographically interesting finds. Distribution maps of Swedish bryophytes are being published. In Swedish. (see Bryol. Times 71:6 (1993) for announcement.)


Newsletter of the Bryological Society of Mie (Mie Koke no Kai Nyusu)

Publisher: Bryological Society of Mie
First year: 1966
Periodicity: ?
Contact: Dr. K. Yamada, 941-47 Funaeyama, Seta-cho, Ise-shi 516, Mie-ken, Japan.
Description: ?


Nova Buxbaumia

Publisher: W. Meijer
First year: 1996
Periodicity: 2/yr
Contact: (Editor) Willem Meijer, Room 315, Bowman Hall, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY40506, USA. Email: Willem Meijer
Description: Newsletter on cryptogams of the Indo-Malesian area (all Asian areas south of China).


Nowellia Bryologica

Publisher: ?
First year: 1992
Periodicity: 2/yr
Contact: (Ed.) Ph. de Zuttere, Belgium
Description: ?


Shide To Koke (Ferns and mosses)

Publisher: ?
First year: ?
Periodicity: ?
Contact: Naofumi Kitagawa, Kusatagiri 28, Kasagi-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto-gu, 619-1303, Japan.
Description: ?


Tropical Bryology

Publisher: J.-P. Frahm
First year: 1990
Periodicity: 1 or 2/yr
Contact: Yelitza Leon (
Description: A forum for all aspects of tropical bryology. All manuscripts must be submitted by email or diskette.


Tropical Bryology Research Reports

Publisher: Brian J. O'Shea and Martin J. Wigginton
First year: 1999
Periodicity: irregular
Contact: Brian J. O'Shea, 141 Fawnbrake Avenue, London SE24 0BG. Email:, or go the TBR web page, and click the TBRR button.
Description: Specialising in longer reports, with all volumes available free of charge for downloading from the TBR web site, or in hard copy for payment.


Tropical Bryology Group Newsletter

Publisher: British Bryological Society Tropical Bryology Group
First year: 1991
Periodicity: At least one per year
Contact: Jo Wilbraham (
Description: A newsletter for members of the BBS TBG group, open to all members of the society. The newsletter is available for downloading from the BBS TBG web page.


Journals with a regular bryological content

There is a very large number of journals publishing occasional bryological articles - probably approaching 200 in the World List of Scientific Periodicals - so this list includes only the most prominent that include bryology in almost every issue.


Annales Botanici Fennici / Acta Botanica Fennica

Publisher: Finnish Botanical Publishing Board, for four societies.
First year: 1964
Periodicity: 6/yr / irreg.
Contact: Dr. Johannes Enroth, Botanical Museum (Cryptogams), Finnish Museum of Natural History, PO Box 65, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland. (
Description: The Annales is a general botanical journal, in English. Strong on ecology. Usually one or two bryological papers per issue. Recently this has included a strong Asian element. The Acta publishes monographs, which recently have included several devoted to Papua New Guinea bryophytes, part of the Huon Peninsula series.



Publisher: National Botanical Institute (NBI), South Africa
First year: 1936
Periodicity: 2/yr
Description: A general botanical journal for southern Africa, covering taxonomy, ecology, anatomy and cytology. Usually one (or more) bryological item in each issue.


Bulletin de la Société Botanique du Centre-Ouest

Publisher: Société Botanique du Centre-Ouest, Le Clos de la Lande, 61 route de la Lande, F-17200 Saint-Sulpice-de-Royan, France
First year: 1970 (new series - original start date 1907)
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: Président: Rémy Daunas (
Description: Publishes works about flora and vegetation of the whole of France. Each issue includes several bryological articles (e.g. surveys of the French bryoflora, description and ecology of species newly recorded for France).

Cryptogamic Botany(believed extinct)

Publisher: Gustav Fischer Verlag GmbH & Co, KG, Wollgrasweg 49, D-70599 Stuttgart, Germany
First year: 1989
Periodicity: 4/yr
Contact: Managing Editor: W. Julich, Rijksherbarium, PO Box 85.452, NL-2508 HH Den Haag, Netherlands.
Description: Bryology forms only a small part of the content. Not published since 1995.



Publisher: Jardin Botanique National de Belgique/Nationale Plantentuin van België (National Botanic Garden of Belgium)
First year: 1975
Periodicity: 3/yr
Contact: Herman Stieperaere, Nationale Plantentuin van België, Domein van Bouchout, B-1860 Meise, Belgium.
Description: In French and Dutch. A general botanical journal covering Belgium and Luxembourg. Most issues contain papers or notes on bryophytes, usually with an English summary.


Flora Mediterranea

Publisher: OPTIMA / Herbarium Mediterranea Panormitanum, Palermo
First year: 1991
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: (Contact) Prof. F.M. Raimondo, Dipartimento di Scienze Botaniche, Via Archirafi 38, I-90123 Palermo, Italy.
Description: At least one bryological paper in each volume.


Folia Cryptogamica Estonica

Publisher: Estonian Naturalists Society
First year: 1972
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: (Editor) Urmas Koljalg, Institute of Botany & Ecology, University of Tartu, 40 Lai Street, 51005 Tartu, Estonia.
Description: About 10% bryological; in English.



Publisher: Hikobia Botanical Society
First year: 1950
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: Editor of Hikobia , c/o Department of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University, Kagami-yama, Higashi-hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken 739-8526, Japan. FAX: +81-824-24-7452 (
Description: Mainly concerned with lower plants, with a significant bryological content. Papers are in English or Japanese, with English title and summary.



Publisher: Societe Botanique de Liege, et al.
First year: 1938
Periodicity: 2-4/yr
Contact: (Editor) Prof. J. Lambinon, Departement de Botanique, Sart Tilman, B-4000 Liege, Belgium.
Description: In French. Journal of three Belgian/Luxembourgian natural history societies, each issue being one paper, with an English summary. About a quarter are bryological.


Nova Hedwigia

Publisher: J. Cramer in der Gebrüder Borntraeger, Johannesstr. 3A, D-70176 Stuttgart, Germany.
First year: 1959
Periodicity: 4/yr
Contacts: Several editors, e.g. Prof. Dr W. Frey, Institut für Systematische Botanik und Pflanzengeographie, Der Freien Universität Berlin, Altensteinstr. 6, D- 1000 Berlin West, 33 (Dahlen) & Dr. W.R. Buck, New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, New York 10458-5126, USA. Email: Bill Buck.
Description: Covers all non-vascular plants, with perhaps a third being bryological. 'Beihefte' also produced, including bryological volumes.


Novitates systematicae plantarum non vascularium (Novosti Sistematiki Nizshikh Rastenii)

Publisher: Academy of Sciences of the USSR
First year: 1964
Periodicity: 1/yr
Contact: ?
Description: In Russian. Some bryological papers in each issue.

Plant Systematics and Evolution

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Wien (Vienna, Austria)
First year: 1974 (from 1881 as Österreichisches Botanisches Wocherblatt)
Periodicity: 12/yr
Contact: (Editor) F.H. Hellwaig, Institut für Spezielle Botanik, Botanisher Garten und Herbar Haussknecht, Universität Jena, Philosophen-weg 16, D-07743 Jena.
Description: Regular bryological content.


Polish Botanical Journal

Publisher: Polish Academy of Science
First year: 2001 (from 1953 as Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica)
Periodicity: 2/yr
Description: As Fragmenta, there were a large number of contributions from Dr R. Ochyra and co-workers, but the new journal has much less bryology, and mainly of local interest.


Rickia (probably extinct)

Publisher: Coordenadoria da Pesquisa de Recursos Naturais
First year: 1962
Periodicity: 1/2yrs
Contact: M.C. Marino, Instituto de Botânica, Caixa Postal 4005, 01000 - Sao Paulo - SP - Brasil.
Description: In Portuguese. A general cryptogamic journal, usually with one or two bryological papers. Also publishes supplements. Not published since 1987.


Systematic Botany

Publisher: American Society of Plant Taxonomists
First year: 1975
Periodicity: 4/yr
Contact: (Editor) Alan Whittemore, US National Arboretum, Washington, DC 20002, USA
Description: Bryological papers in almost all issues, usually on phylogeny.

Yushania(probably extinct)

Publisher: Biological Society of Tunghai University, Taiwan.
First year: 1984
Periodicity: 1/yr, but none published since vol. 5 in 1988.
Contact: ?
Description: Some bryology in most issues.


'Extinct' bryological journals

Journal Country From To
Acta Bryolichenologica Asiatica Taiwan 1989 1990
Annales Botanici Societatis Zoologicae-Botanicae Fennicae Vanamo ( --> Annales Botanici Fennici) Finland 1931 1964
Annales Bryologici Netherlands 1928 1939
Annales de Cryptogamie Exotique France 1928 1936
Aschisma USA 1991 1992
Bryological News Letter India 1983 1993
Bryologische Rundbriefe Germany 1990  
Bryologische Beiträge Germany 1982 1995
Bryologische Mitteilungen (--> Bryologische Rundbriefe) Germany 1996 --
Bryologische Zeitschrift Germany 1916 1918
Bryomania Canada 1980 1987
Bryon Japan 1981 1982
Bulletin of Bryology USA 1972 (not 1981-1986) 1990
Bulletin of the British Bryological Society (--> Field Bryology) UK 1963 2003
Bulletin of Moss Flora of Arctic North America (and Greenland) Denmark 1981 1983
Buxbaumia ( --> Lindbergia & Buxbaumiella ) Netherlands 1947 1970
Cryptogamie, Bryologie. Lichénologie (--> Cryptogamie, Briologie) France 1980 1998
Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica (--> Polish Botanical Journal) Poland 1953 2001
Hedwigia ( --> Nova Hedwigia ) Germany 1852 1944
Kitaguni koke no nakamatachi: Hokkaido Sentairui Kenkyukai kaiho Japan 1988 1991
Limprichtia Germany 1993 2006
Miscellania Bryologica et Lichenologica Japan 1955 1983
Moss Exchange Club Report (--> Report of the B.B.S.) UK 1896 1922
Mossornas Vänner På Svenska Västkusten ( --> Myrinia) Sweden 1977 1991
New York Rare Bryophyte Newsletter USA 1991 1991
Novo Bryomania Canada 1996  
Proceedings of the Bryological Society of Japan (--> Bryological Research) Japan 1972 1996
Report of British Bryological Society ( --> Trans. B.B.S. ) UK 1923 1945
Revue Bryologique ( --> Revue Bryol. et Lichénologique ) France 1874 1926
Revue Bryologique et Lichénologique ( --> Cryptogamie ) France 1928 1979
Transactions of the British Bryological Society ( --> J. Bryol. ) UK 1947 1971
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