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In February 2005, Lars Hedenäs led a very successful taxonomic workshop at Cambridge on the species traditionally considered members of the Amblystegiaceae. Some of his slides dealing with members of this group known to occur in Britain and Ireland can now be viewed as a taxonomic resource for those interested in this group.

The slides should be used in conjunction with a modern treatment of the group such as the second edition of The Moss Flora of Britain and Ireland or Hedenäs, L. (2003) The European species of the Calliergon-Scorpidium-Drepanocladus complex, including some related or similar species. Meylania 28: 1-116 which is a fuller treatment and includes ecological details.

They have been selected to show characters of practical taxonomic value, but there is also a slide showing a summary of some intriguing molecular data suggesting a possible synonomy of the members of the genus Hygroamblystegium. The information is taken from the following paper: Vanderpoorten A. & Jacquemart A.-L., 2004. Evolutionary mode, tempo, and phylogenetic association of continuous morphological traits in the aquatic moss genus Amblystegium. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 17 : 279-287. A pdf file of this paper can be downloaded here.

Below are listed the species covered. To open the slides in a new window click here



Scorpidium cossonii
Scorpidium scorpioides
Scorpidium revolvens

Hamatocaulis vernicosus
Warnstorfia exannulata
Warnstorfia sarmentosa
Warnstorfia fluitans

Calliergon cordifolium
Calliergon giganteum
Straminergon stramineum













Palustriella falcata
Palustriella commutata
Palustriella decipiens
Cratoneuron filicinum
Cratoneuron curvicaule
Campyliulm stellatum
Campylium protensum
Campyliadelphus chrysophyllus
Campyliadelphus eloides
Campylophyllum calcareum
Campylophyllum halleri

Drepanocladus aduncus
Drepanocladus polygamus
Drepanocladus sendtneri

Pseudocalliergon lycopodioides
Pseudocalliergon turgescens
Pseudocalliergon trifarium

Amblystegium serpens
Amblystegium confervoides
Amblystegium radicale

Hygroamblystegium fluviatile
Hygroamblystegium tenax
Hygroamblystegium humile
Hygroamblystegium varium

Leptodictyum riparium
Hygrohypnum eugyrium
Hygrohypnum ochraceum
Hygrohypnum polare
Hygrohypnum luridum
Hygrohypnum styriacum
Hygrohypnum smithii
Hygrohypnum molle
Hygrohypnum duriusculum

Possible Amblystegiaceae
Calliergonella cuspidata
Calliergonella lindbergii

Sanionia uncinata
Sanionia orthothecioides
Tomentypnum nitens
Conardia compacta


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