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Grimmia tergestina photographed by Des Callaghan at St Mary's Church, Tetbury. (Peter Martin's locus classicus)

Blasia pusilla with flask-shaped gemmae receptacles, photographed by Caroline Pannell from a specimen collected in Co.Kerry.


Although a common grassland moss, Pseudoscleropodium purum is rarely found in fruit. This image was submitted by Robin Stevenson, from a patch Bob Ellis found at a recent Norfolk Bryology Group meeting near king's Lynn.



Dicranum polysetum, growing at edge of wooded bog in Scots pine dominated woodland, Anagach Woods (vc95).  First found here in 2001, the original patch still present in 2009, is virtually unchanged in size. Andy Amphlett.


Photographed by Howard Matcham: "A conservative estimate of over ten thousand coalesced thalli of Riccia cavernosa at Maudlin Pond near Chichester is probably the most important ephemeral site in southern England.  The pond which is only rain filled has no entry or exit drainage ditches.  This year we have had an extremely dry summer in this part of Sussex and the pond is now entirely dry, which is only an occasional happening."

Harpanthus scutatus, a mainly western plant of damp sandstone, but photographed at Tilgate Wood, Wakehurst Place, E.Sussex at the BBS autumn meeting 2009.

Lunularia cruciata is a common plant but is dioicous and sporophytes are uncommon because males are rarer than females and the two sexes are not often found together. Richard Fisk did find both on a roadside bank adjacent to bridge over the river Glena near Knocknagashel Co. Kerry on the BBS 2009 summer field meeting. The collected material subsequently produced sporophytes when grown on.

Hedwigia stellata, photographed together with a few shoots of Hedwigia integrifolia at Byne Hill, Ayrshire on the 2009 BBS Spring Meeting.

Scorpiurium circinatum, photographed on a limestone wall at St.David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire.

Pallavicinia lyellii, photographed by Howard Wallis on a BBS Southern Group meeting to West Hoathly Rocks (v.-c. 14) in March 2009

Epipterygium tozeri, a plant of shaded sheltered banks, especially in the SW. Photographed during the Borders Bryologists excursion to Llangattock Lingoed in January 2009.


Rhodobryum roseum, a calcicole found on sheltered banks and in grassland, photographed by Sharon Pilkington.

Polytrichum strictum, a plant common in the north and west in bogs and wet heaths, photographed on the 2005 Aberystwyth meeting.

Didymodon acutus found in its characteristic habitat of exposed bare calcareous soil by Peter Martin on the November 2008 Border Bryologists' meeting at Backbury Hill, Herefordshire.

Scapania lepida photographed by Dan Wrench on Mt.Kinabalu, Borneo, in 2006.

Brachythecium mildeanum, photographed on trampled dry turf at the edge of a car park at the 2007 Northamptonshire Meeting.


Sphagnum russowii photographed at the Autumn 2007 meeting at Whixall Moss

Pottia starkeana is an ephemeral moss of base rich disturbed ground. Photographed here by Des Callaghan from material collected at Minera mine during the BBS Spring meeting 2008.

Brachythecium glareosum, a not uncommon species of dry calcareous banks, photographed at Twywell gullet on the 2007 Spring meeting.







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