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Sphagnum papillosum Lindb.


Stacked photomicrograph of a single leaf showing hyaline and chlorophyllous leaf details. Raised bog on the Braes of Fowlis, west of Perth.
One of Stephen Buchan's beautiful pictures. See Green Light Images .

Tortula schimperi M J Cano et al

Tortula schimperi , photographed by Richard Fisk, who comments: Eastern Englend would appear to be the stronghold for this sp. I have about twenty records from Suffolk as opposed to seven or eight for T. subulata s.s. The strong bistratose margin of the leaves is visible in the photograph. The tall setae are produced in abundance in early spring making it an easy plant to spot when on the edge of woodland banks.

Bryum gemmiparum De Not .

Bryum gemmiparum , photographed by Des Callaghan on rocks at Buckland on the river Usk.

Grimmia anomala Schimp.

Grimmia anomala , photographed by Robert Thompson on rocks on the shore of Easky Lough, Ireland. Note the gemmae on the leaf tips which have led to confusion with Grimmia hartmanii
This has recently been described as a species new to Britain and Ireland in the Journal of Bryology

Sphagnum lindbergii Schimp.

Sphagnum lindbergii , photographed by Stan Phillips in Glen Shee close to the ski slopes. 

Adelanthus decipiens Mitt.

Adelanthus decipiens, photographed by Stan Phillips in the oakwoods of Knapdale, Argyll where it is found on trees and rocks. 

Bazzania trilobata

Bazzania trilobata, a frequent and conspicuous robust leafy liverwort of humid, especially western, woodland.

Atrichum crispum (James) Sull

Atrichum crispum, growing on the gravelly margin of lake Bugeilyn, N Wales.

Schistostega pennata (Hedw.) F.Weber & D.Mohr

Schistostega pennata, photographed by Sean Edwards

Orthotrichum stramineum Hornsch. ex Brid.

Another stunning close-up from Des Callaghan showing the calyptra of Orthotrichum stramineum in detail

Grimmia donniana Sm.

Grimmia donniana , a frequent Grimmia of hard acidic rock in the north and west, found growing in the Mosedale Valley, Cumbria, during the 2012 Spring Field Meeting.

Pallavicinia lyellii (Hook.) Carruth.

Pallavicinia lyelli, found growing on Wedholme Flow NNR during the 2012 Spring Field Meeting by John O'Reilly in one of its characteristic habitats - the rotting base of a wet Molinia tussock.

Barbilophozia attenuata

Barbilophozia attenuata is a plant characteristic of rotting wood and peaty soils , especially in the north and west.

Moerkia flotowiana

Photographed by Dave Genney at Achnahaird. Comment from David Long:These are male plants which have the androecial scales closely overlapping  in multiple rows, unlike M. hibernica where they are not overlapping and are in two rows along the mid line of the thallus. M. flotowiana is typical of lowland fens and dune slacks, M. hibernica is in montane neutral to mildly basic flushes and on wet cliffs.

Dichodontium palustre (Dicks.) Stech

Growing on gravelly detritus beside a stream near Grasmere in the Lake District.

Antitrichia curtipendula (Hedw.) Brid.

On a typical upland boulder habitat on Pen y Ghent, photographed during the Spring BBS meeting to the Yorkshire Dales.

Pogonatum aloides (Hedw.) P.Beauv.

Photographed by Maurice Eakin on clay of upturned tree root at Littlewood Forest, Slane, Co. Meath

Plagiopus oderianus (Sw.) H.A.Crum & L.E.Anderson

On a rock ledge on Pen y Ghent, photographed during the Spring BBS meeting to the Yorkshire Dales.

Plagiochila norvegica H.H.Blom & Holten

Plagiochila norvegica (possibly a somatic mutant of P. porelloides) photographed by Bryan Edwards in Dorset, where it is confined to one large flint.  No other site is known outside Scandinavia.

Marchantia polymorpha ssp. ruderalis Bischl. & Boisselier

Marchantia polymorpha ssp. ruderalis on churchyard path, Westonbirt, Gloucestershire. Photographed by Peter Martin.

Nowellia curvifolia (Dicks.) Mitt.

Nowellia curvifolia growing on its typical habitat of a decorticated log at Bouther Gill in the Yorkshire Dales during the 2011 BBS spring field meeting, photographed by Jo Denyer.

Encalypta rhaptocarpa Schwägr.

We were delighted to have the company of Michael Lüth on the BBS Spring Meeting 2011 to the Yorkshire Dales. He photographed Encalypta rhaptocarpa (sometimes known in continental Europe as Encalypta trachymitra) on a rock ledge at Pen-y-Ghent. More photographs from then meeting can be seen on his blog which contains wonderful photographs of bryophytes in their natural landscape. Thanks to Michael for permission to reproduce the image.

Grimmia trichophylla Grev.

Cushions of Grimmia trichophylla, growing on sandstone on the Black Hill, Herefordshire.

Hedwigia integrifolia P.Beauv.

Hedwigia integrifolia, photographed by Maurice Eakin on the gabbro boulders of the Cooley Mountains, Co Louth


A substantial robust population of Sphagnum riparium was found in a pool in otherwise uninspiring high moorland on the northern side of Ben Wyvis during the BBS Summer Meeting in July 2010, and photographed by Sharon Pilkington.

A large flat patch of Grimmia orbicularis grows next to  the neat cushion of Grimmia pulvinata.  The G. orbicularis produced 2 capsules in 2008 and 3 in 2009 but is now getting up a head of steam (Nov. 2010) - particularly nearest to the G. pulvinata cushion where the 2008/9 capsules were also seen.  On church boudary wall, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Peter Martin

Pseudobryum cinclidoides Photographed by Howard Wallis on northern slopes of The Cairnwell (Glen Shee), v.c. 92

Bazzania tricrenata, quite frequent growing alongside Plagiochila carringtonii and other species of the northern hepatic mat in montane grassland between north and east-facing crags above Loch Coire a Mhuillinn, Strathconan. Photographed during the BBS Summer Meeting, July 2010. Sharon Pilkington.

A 50cm tall mound of Polytichum strictum in a blanket bog at Torver High Common, Westmorland.


Cratoneuron filicinum, photographed here by Maurice Eakin, is rarely found with capsules

Grimmia incurva, growing on Titterstone Clee Hill, v.-c. 45, photographed by Des Callaghan.

Grimmia pulvinata, a common and abundant moss of rocks and walls, photographed fruiting copiously by Caroline Pannell at Heydour Church, South Lincolnshire, on the BBS 2010 Spring meeting.


Syntrichia ruralis var. ruraliformis photographed by Maurice Eakin at Bull Island, Dublin, Ireland.







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