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Porella arboris-vitae (With.) Grolle

Porella arboris-vitae is a widespread bitter-tasting liverwort on boulders and roacky banks in woodlands of the north and west

Schistostega pennata (Hedw.) F.Weber & D.Mohr

Thanks to Des Callaghan for another amazing image - the leaf tip of Schistostega pinnata with dark field illumination and polarised light.

Hennediella heimii (Hedw.) R H Zander

Hennediella heimii, usually at home in coastal habitats, is now taking up residence on salted road verges. Thanks to Robin Stevenson for the photograph.

Jubula hutchinsiae (Hook.) Dumort

A photomicroscopy darkfield image of the leaf margin of Jubula hutchinsiae showing the large and glistening oil bodies surrounded by the much smaller green chloroplasts, from Des Callaghan.

Jubula hutchinsiae (Hook.) Dumort

This extraordinary colony of the hyperoceanic southern-temperate leafy liverwort Jubula hutchinsiae was photographed wooded oceanic ravine in Knapdale, Argyll by Stan Phillips, who has a wonderful collection of images which can be seen here.

Herbertus borealis Crundw.

Herbertus borealis is a Scottish endemic, known only from the Toirridon area. Further details of the barcoding work that has clarified its place and within the genus can be found in Neil bell's and David Long's paper from Field Bryology here. Many thanks to Dave Genney for the photograph. More images of his can be found here.

Pterygoneurum ovatum (Hedw.) Dixon

Pterygoneurum ovatum, a plant of thin soil in open basic habitats, photographed by Sharon Pilkington at Gilling Down in the Polden Hills, Somerset.

Ricciocarpus natans (L.) Corda

Ricciocarpus natans is a rather local and uncommon floting thallose liverwort of eutrophic standing water that appears to have declined in the last 100 years. This ethereal picture was taken by Des Callaghan using material collected from Scargh Bog, adjacent to Lough Owel, by Neil Lockhart.

Racomitrium ericoides (Brid.) Brid

Racomitrium ericoides is widespread in the north and the west on open, often acid, gravelly soil

Bryum capillare Hedw.

Des Callaghan's beautifully detailed image of a Bryum capillare peristome can be found at page provides a large version of the file, that can be downloaded for free use, plus various details about the image. The real-world diameter of the subject is about 1.1 mm. The image is a composite stack of about 200 original images.

Abietinella abietina var abietina (Hedw.) Fleisch

Abietinella abietina var abietina is an uncommon plant of basic rocks, banks and ledges.

Rhytidium rugosum (Hedw.) Kindb.

Rhytidium rugosum is a robust calcicolous pleurocarp that favours well drained and usually open turf. It is very local in the UK.

Sematophyllum demissum (Wilson) Mitt

A freshly matured sporophyte of Sematophyllum demissum, with operculum just fallen and about to begin the first release of spores. Many thanks to Des Callaghan for submitting this.

Leucodon sciuroides (Hedw) Schwager

Leucodon sciuroides, photographed by Pete Martin on a tombstone at Kingscote Church, Gloucestershire

Lophozia obtusa (Lindb..) A.Evans

Lophoozia obtusa, photographed by Dave Genney. You can see more of his images here

Taxiphyllum wisgrillii (Garov.) Wijk & Margad.

Taxiphyllum wisgrillii , photographed on a BBS Border Bryologists meeting to Cherry Hill Camp, Fownhope, Herefordshire in January 2014.

Sphagnum subnitens Russow & Warnst.

Mature capsules whose apical "lid" has been shed. Mossy bank above Daer Reservoir, South Lanarkshire.
One of Stephen Buchan's beautiful pictures. See Green Light Images .

Homalia trichomanoides (Hedw.) Brid.

Homalia trichomanoides, photographed on a BBS Border Bryologists meeting to Cherry Hill Camp, Fownhope, Herefordshire in January 2014.

Sphagnum contortum Schultz


Sphagnum contortum, photographed by Jo Denyer on the BBS summer meeting to Raasay 2013.

Diphyscium foliosum (Hedw.) D.Mohr.


Diphyscium foliosum capsule , photographed by Des Callaghan.

Gymnomitrium obtusum Lindb.


Gymnomitrium obtusum, on acid rock boulders. Helm Cragg, Cumbria.

Pohlia elongata Hedw.

Pohlia elongata, showing its characteristic elongated capules. Helm Cragg, Cumbria.


Oxyrhynchium schlecheri (R.Hedw.) Roll


Oxyrhynchium schlecheri, showing its characteristic habit growing as a tight mound of short branches arising from underground stems

Lophozia wenzelii (Nees.) Steph.


Another beautiful image from Des Callaghan, showing water trapped within the concave leaves

Hookeria lucens (Hedw.) Sm.


Photographed by Martin Godfrey at Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire.









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