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Scapania umbrosa (Schrad.) Dumort.

The diminutive liverwort Scapania umbrosa growing on Nowellia covered logs at East Water, Exmoor. Photo: Paul Bowyer


Ditrichum flexicaule (Schwägr.) Hampe, Flora, 1867

Flagelliform shoots of Ditrichum flexicaule growing through cushion of Tortella tortuosa at Llangattock limestone quarry near Abergavenny. Photo: Peter Martin


Orthotrichum cupulatum var. riparium Huebener, 1833

The debatable variety Orthotrichum cupulatum var. riparium photographed on rocks by the river at Richmond, Yorkshire during the Spring meeting 2018. Photo: Claire Halpin

Note the slightly exserted capsules, in which this differs from the usual Orthotrichum cupulatum. Accepted as a distinct variety by many bryologists in Europe, it is regarded by Smith (2004) and others as '...most likely an environmental modification not worthy of any taxonomic status'. The jury is still out...


Seligeria calcarea (Hedw) Bruch & Schimp

Seligeria calcarea photographed by Paul Bowyer at Worle Hill, v.-c.7


Cirriphyllum crassinervium (Taylor) Loeske & M.Fleisch

Cirriphyllum crassinervium, not often seen fruiting, on the joint Border Bryology/Worcestershire BBS Local Group meeting at Turnastone Court Farm, Herefordshire

Andreaea blyttii Schimp

Andreaea blyttii, photographed by Dave Genney during snowbed survey work on Ciste Mhearad and Coire Domhain in the Cairngorms.

Philonotis cernua (Wilson) D.G.Griffin & W.R.Buck

Philonotis cernua, photographed by Rory Hodd who found the plant on the BBS summer meeting in Donegal. Known only within Europe from Britain and Ireland, it had not been seen since 1987.

Radula voluta Taylor ex Gottsche et al.

Radula voluta, photographed by Stan Phillips beside River Avich, Mid Argyll

Riccia beyrichiana Hampe ex Lehm

Riccia beyrichiana, photographed by Stan Phillips on a gravelly patch on the edge of the cliffs above Cleadale, Eigg on the 2015 BBS Summer Field Meeting

Dicranodontium denudatum (Brid.) E.Britton

Dicranodontium denudatum , photographed in Cwm Coel in the Elan Valley during the BBS Spring Field Meeting

Spagnum inundatum Russow

Sphagnum inundatum, photographed in Cwm Coel in the Elan Valley during the BBS Spring Field Meeting

Porella obtusata (Taylor) Trevis

Porella obtusata, photgraphed by Stan Phillips on the Tayvallich peninsula, Argyll.

Leucobryum glaucum (Hedw.) Ångstr.

The first of a double bill of Leucobryum glaucum photographs from Robin Stevenson. Tim Blackstock comments that this shows ‘dense rhizoidal heads that develop over unfertilised perichaetia in female cushions of Leucobyum glaucum’.

In his paper in J. Bryol of 1987 (14, 535-541) Tim states that in female cushions of both L. glaucum & L. juniperoideum ‘dense tufts of rhizoids form from the dorsal surfaces of inner perichaetial leaves and give rise to distinctive heads, very similar to those that you photographed. They develop on barren perichaetia but not on those with sporophytes. In both species, germinating Leucobryum spores and dwarf males were found in these rhizoidal heads but only rarely in other parts of the large female cushions. They thus seem to provide a specialist female means of attracting males, some of which grow into larger gametophytes’.

Robin Stevenson's second Leucobryum glaucum picture, showing it fruiting nicely.


Bazzania trilobata (L.) Gray

Bazzania trilobata, showing flagelliform shoots. A widely distributed robust leafy liverwort of Western Britain, found in humid and sheltered areas.

Acaulon muticum (Hedw.) Mull.Hal.

Acaulon muticum, photographed by Brad Scott on a recent SE Group meeting to Scotney Castle. This tiny and often gregarious ephemeral is found occasionally on disturbed soil, mainly in the lowlands.

Dicranodontium uncinatum (Harv.) A.Jaeger

Dicranodontium uncinatum, photographed by David Long on the Spidean Coinich ridge of Quinag, West Sutherland, on 3 August 2015, on the Nordic Bryological Society Meeting in Scotland.






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