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Pterogonium gracile (Hedw.) Sm.

Pterogonium gracile (Bird’s-foot Wing-moss)
Understated elegance - surely deserves a better common name than this!
Photo: Jo Denyer, on the Kerry Summer meeting 2019


Grimmia nutans Bruch

Grimmia nutans
A non-English bryophyte for a change. Captured by Peter Martin in Greece (under the pretence of visiting his daughter).



Lejeunea flava (Sw.) Nees

Lejeunea flava (Yellow pouncewort) in Derrycunihy Wood during the Kerry Summer Meeting 2019.
Photo: Claire Halpin



Sphagnum quinquefarium (Lindb. ex Braithw.) Warnst.

Sphagnum quinquefarium (Five-ranked Bog-moss) in Gallavally Wood during the Kerry Summer Meeting 2019.
Sometimes also called the anti-social Sphagnum because plants tend not to grow close together.
Photo: Jo Denyer


Trichocolea tomentella (Ehrh.) Dumort.

Trichocolea tomentella (Handsome Woollywort), living up to its name in Killarney National Park during the Kerry Summer Meeting 2019.
Photo: Paul Bowyer


Cephalozia crassifolia (Lindenb. & Gottsche)

Cephalozia crassifolia (Irish Pincerwort), spotted by Rory Hodd at Derrycunihy Falls during the Kerry Summer Meeting 2019.
Photo: Claire Halpin


Cololejeunea rossettiana (C.Massal.) Schiffn.

Cololejeunea rossettiana, looking very prickly indeed! Collected from Goblin Combe, Somerset, where it was growing on Thamnobryum alopecurum on a boulder.
Photo: Claire Halpin


Lepidozia cupressina (Sw.) Lindenb.

Lepidozia cupressina, much admired in boulder scree near Cwmavon, S. Wales during a Gloucester Bryophyte Group out-of-county meeting in April 2019.
Photo: Sharon Pilkington


Orthotrichum rupestre Schleich. ex Schwägr.

Orthotrichum rupestre photographed at a Wessex Bryology Group meeting at Fyfield Down, Wiltshire in March 2019.
The most striking feature of this mainly saxicolous (in Britain) species, is its extremely hairy calyptra.
Photo: Claire Halpin


Marchantia polymorpha L.

Marchantia polymorpha photographed by Brad Scott in Ashdown Forest, Sussex 25th May 2014. Common but amazing nevertheless!


Entosthodon muhlenbergii (Turner) Fife.

Entosthodon muhlenbergii found by Andrew Branson and Sharon Pilkington in unimproved Carboniferous limestone grassland at Westbury Beacon, on the southern scarp of the Mendip Hills, Somerset.


Metzgeria furcata (L.) Dumort.

Fertile Metzgeria furcata captured by Paul Bowyer in the New Forest, autumn 2018







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