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(as at December 2018)

Some members may not be aware of the refereeing service that the BBS provides. It is intended to be a helpline to members who have difficulty in naming their British and Irish bryophytes. The referees will be delighted to help. It is better to send specimens rather than photographs, but please avoid sending large numbers of specimens at any one time. You should include collection details for the specimen(s), ideally including habitat, locality, altitude, and a grid reference (as precise as possible).

It is worth taking care in packing your specimen(s). Let them dry at air temperature before sending them. However oil-bodies are important for some leafy liverworts (e.g. Scapania, Lejeunea), and in such cases it is a good idea to separate out a few moist stems into a small plastic bag or tube (assuming of course that your specimen is still fresh). Many specimens will travel happily in a normal envelope, but many others will need protection from crushing in the post. This is particularly important for bryophytes growing on soil, such as Riccia species and other colonists of bare earth. If sent without protection, the soil and specimen will arrive as a pile of dust! Use small rigid boxes or tins, and it is a good idea to pad the specimen with tissue paper. Mini-packets within the main packet are useful for separating off plants of the problem species, for example stems bearing tubers or bulbils.

When posting packets, remember that even small envelopes will be classed as “large letters” if they exceed 5 mm thickness, and as “packets” if they exceed 25 mm. Enclose a stamped, addressed envelope (or label) with your specimen(s) if you would like them to be returned. However it is not practical or necessary to enclose a pre-paid envelope if the referee is based in a different country from yourself.

The General Referee will help beginners who are having difficulty in placing their material in a genus. If you are reasonably confident about the genus but not the species, please send your gathering to the appropriate referee, as listed below. If you encounter any other problems, refer to the respective recorder, Sharon Pilkington for mosses, and Nick Hodgetts for hornworts and liverworts.

The names of genera in the following list follow the current Census Catalogue (Hill et al., 2008), with the addition of Crossidium, Dicranoloma, Ephemerella and Oxystegus.

General Referee: M. Stribley

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Anthoceros D.G. Long Abietinella T.L. Blockeel Leptobarbula D.F. Chamberlain
Phaeoceros D.G. Long Acaulon D.F. Chamberlain Leptobryum N.G. Hodgetts
  Achrophyllum T.L. Blockeel Leptodictyum T.L. Blockeel
Liverworts   Aloina D.F. Chamberlain Leptodon S.L. Pilkington
Acrobolbus G.P. Rothero Amblyodon N.G. Hodgetts Leptodontium D.F. Chamberlain
Adelanthus S.D.S. Bosanquet Amblystegium T.L. Blockeel Leptophascum D.F. Chamberlain
Anastrepta S.D.S. Bosanquet Amphidium G.P. Rothero Leptotheca T.L. Blockeel
Anastrophyllum D.G. Long Andreaea M.O. Hill Lescuraea T.L. Blockeel
Aneura D.G. Long Anoectangium D.F. Chamberlain Leskea S.L. Pilkington
Anthelia G.P. Rothero Anomobryum D.T. Holyoak Leucobryum G.P. Rothero
Aphanolejeunea N.G. Hodgetts Anomodon S.L. Pilkington Leucodon S.L. Pilkington
Athalamia D.G. Long Antitrichia S.L. Pilkington Loeskeobryum S.D.S. Bosanquet
Barbilophozia T.H. Blackstock Aongstroemia G.P. Rothero Meesia N.G. Hodgetts
Bazzania T.H. Blackstock Aphanorrhegma N.G. Hodgetts Microbryum D.F. Chamberlain
Blasia D.G. Long Aplodon N.G. Hodgetts Micromitrium D.T. Holyoak
Blepharostoma T.H. Blackstock Archidium G.P. Rothero Mielichhoferia N.G. Hodgetts
Calypogeia S.D.S. Bosanquet Arctoa G.P. Rothero Mnium T.W. Ottley
Cephalozia T.H. Blackstock Atrichum M.O. Hill Molendoa D.F. Chamberlain
Cephaloziella See note Aulacomnium N.G. Hodgetts Myrinia T.L. Blockeel
Chiloscyphus S.D.S. Bosanquet Barbula D.F. Chamberlain Myurella N.G. Hodgetts
Cladopodiella T.H. Blackstock Bartramia N.G. Hodgetts Myurium T.L. Blockeel
Cololejeunea N.G. Hodgetts Blindia N.G. Hodgetts Neckera S.L. Pilkington
Colura N.G. Hodgetts Brachydontium N.G. Hodgetts Oedipodium N.G. Hodgetts
Conocephalum D.G. Long Brachytheciastrum T.L. Blockeel Oligotrichum M.O. Hill
Diplophyllum D.G. Long Brachythecium T.L. Blockeel Oncophorus G.P. Rothero
Douinia D.G. Long Breutelia S.L. Pilkington Orthodontium T.L. Blockeel
Drepanolejeunea N.G. Hodgetts Bruchia G.P. Rothero Orthothecium N.G. Hodgetts
Dumortiera D.G. Long Bryoerythrophyllum D.F. Chamberlain Orthotrichum T.L. Blockeel
Eremonotus S.D.S. Bosanquet Bryum D.T. Holyoak Oxyrrhynchium T.L. Blockeel
Fossombronia D.G. Long Buxbaumia M.O. Hill Oxystegus T.L. Blockeel
Frullania N.G. Hodgetts Calliergon T.L. Blockeel Paludella N.G. Hodgetts
Geocalyx G.P. Rothero Calliergonella T.L. Blockeel Palustriella T.L. Blockeel
Gongylanthus S.D.S. Bosanquet Calomnion T.L. Blockeel Paraleptodontium D.F. Chamberlain
Gymnocolea T.H. Blackstock Calyptrochaeta T.L. Blockeel Paraleucobryum G.P. Rothero
Gymnomitrion G.P. Rothero Campyliadelphus T.L. Blockeel Phascum D.F. Chamberlain
Haplomitrium D.G. Long Campylium T.L. Blockeel Philonotis N.G. Hodgetts
Harpalejeunea N.G. Hodgetts Campylophyllum T.L. Blockeel Physcomitrium N.G. Hodgetts
Harpanthus G.P. Rothero Campylopus G.P. Rothero Plagiobryum D.T. Holyoak
Herbertus D. Bell Campylostelium N.G. Hodgetts Plagiomnium T.W. Ottley
Heteroscyphus S.D.S. Bosanquet Catoscopium N.G. Hodgetts Plagiopus N.G. Hodgetts
Hygrobiella T.H. Blackstock Ceratodon G.P. Rothero Plagiothecium N.G. Hodgetts
Jamesoniella S.D.S. Bosanquet Cheilothela G.P. Rothero Plasteurhynchium T.L. Blockeel
Jubula N.G. Hodgetts Cinclidium T.W. Ottley Platydictya N.G. Hodgetts
Jungermannia S.D.S. Bosanquet Cinclidotus T.L. Blockeel Platygyrium T.L. Blockeel
Kurzia T.H. Blackstock Cirriphyllum T.L. Blockeel Platyhypnidium T.L. Blockeel
Leiocolea S.D.S. Bosanquet Climacium S.L. Pilkington Pleuridium G.P. Rothero
Lejeunea N.G. Hodgetts Conardia T.L. Blockeel Pleurochaete D.F. Chamberlain
Lepidozia T.H. Blackstock Conostomum N.G. Hodgetts Pleurozium S.L. Pilkington
Leptoscyphus S.D.S. Bosanquet Coscinodon T.L. Blockeel Pogonatum M.O. Hill
Liochlaena S.D.S. Bosanquet Cratoneuron T.L. Blockeel Pohlia N.G. Hodgetts
Lophocolea S.D.S. Bosanquet Crossidium D.F. Chamberlain Polytrichastrum M.O. Hill
Lophozia S.D.S. Bosanquet Cryphaea S.L. Pilkington Polytrichum M.O. Hill
Lunularia D.G. Long Ctenidium G.P. Rothero Pottiopsis D.F. Chamberlain
Marchantia D.G. Long Cyclodictyon T.L. Blockeel Pseudephemerum G.P. Rothero
Marchesinia N.G. Hodgetts Cynodontium G.P. Rothero Pseudobryum T.W. Ottley
Marsupella G.P. Rothero Daltonia T.L. Blockeel Pseudocalliergon T.L. Blockeel
Mastigophora T.H. Blackstock Dendrocryphaea S.L. Pilkington Pseudocrossidium D.F. Chamberlain
Metzgeria D.G. Long Dialytrichia D.F. Chamberlain Pseudoleskea T.L. Blockeel
Microlejeunea N.G. Hodgetts Dichodontium G.P. Rothero Pseudoleskeella T.L. Blockeel
Moerckia D.G. Long Dicranella G.P. Rothero Pseudoscleropodium T.L. Blockeel
Mylia G.P. Rothero Dicranodontium G.P. Rothero Pseudotaxiphyllum N.G. Hodgetts
Nardia T.H. Blackstock Dicranoloma T.L. Blockeel Pterigynandrum S.D.S. Bosanquet
Nowellia T.H. Blackstock Dicranoweisia G.P. Rothero Pterogonium S.L. Pilkington
Odontoschisma T.H. Blackstock Dicranum G.P. Rothero Pterygoneurum T.L. Blockeel
Pallavicinia D.G. Long Didymodon T.L. Blockeel Ptilium G.P. Rothero
Pedinophyllum S.D.S. Bosanquet Diphyscium M.O. Hill Ptychodium T.L. Blockeel
Pellia D.G. Long Discelium N.G. Hodgetts Ptychomitrium N.G. Hodgetts
Petalophyllum D.G. Long Distichium G.P. Rothero Pylaisia T.L. Blockeel
Plagiochila S.D.S. Bosanquet Ditrichum G.P. Rothero Racomitrium T.L. Blockeel
Pleurocladula T.H. Blackstock Drepanocladus M.O. Hill Rhabdoweisia G.P. Rothero
Pleurozia D.G. Long Encalypta N.G. Hodgetts Rhizomnium T.W. Ottley
Porella N.G. Hodgetts Entodon S.L. Pilkington Rhodobryum D.T. Holyoak
Preissia D.G. Long Entosthodon N.G. Hodgetts Rhynchostegiella T.L. Blockeel
Ptilidium T.H. Blackstock Ephemerella N.G. Hodgetts Rhynchostegium T.L. Blockeel
Radula N.G. Hodgetts Ephemerum D.T. Holyoak Rhytidiadelphus S.D.S. Bosanquet
Reboulia D.G. Long Epipterygium N.G. Hodgetts Rhytidium G.P. Rothero
Riccardia D.G. Long Eucladium D.F. Chamberlain Saelania G.P. Rothero
Riccia D.G. Long Eurhynchiastrum T.L. Blockeel Sanionia M.O. Hill
Ricciocarpos D.G. Long Eurhynchium T.L. Blockeel Sarmentypnum T.L. Blockeel
Saccogyna G.P. Rothero Fissidens T.W. Ottley Schistidium S.D.S. Bosanquet
Scapania D.G. Long Fontinalis T.L. Blockeel Schistostega N.G. Hodgetts
Solenostoma S.D.S. Bosanquet Funaria N.G. Hodgetts Sciuro-hypnum T.L. Blockeel
Southbya S.D.S. Bosanquet Glyphomitrium N.G. Hodgetts Scleropodium T.L. Blockeel
Sphaerocarpos D.G. Long Grimmia R.D. Porley Scopelophila D.F. Chamberlain
Sphenolobopsis S.D.S. Bosanquet Gymnostomum D.F. Chamberlain Scorpidium T.L. Blockeel
Targionia D.G. Long Gyroweisia D.F. Chamberlain Scorpiurium T.L. Blockeel
Telaranea T.H. Blackstock Habrodon S.D.S. Bosanquet Seligeria D.T. Holyoak
Tetralophozia S.D.S. Bosanquet Hageniella T.L. Blockeel Sematophyllum T.L. Blockeel
Trichocolea T.H. Blackstock Hamatocaulis M.O. Hill Sphagnum M.O. Hill
Tritomaria S.D.S. Bosanquet Hedwigia T.L. Blockeel Splachnum N.G. Hodgetts
    Helodium T.L. Blockeel Stegonia D.F. Chamberlain
    Hennediella D.F. Chamberlain Straminergon T.L. Blockeel
Herzogiella N.G. Hodgetts Syntrichia D.F. Chamberlain
    Heterocladium S.D.S. Bosanquet Taxiphyllum N.G. Hodgetts
    Homalia S.L. Pilkington Tayloria N.G. Hodgetts
    Homalothecium T.L. Blockeel Tetraphis M.O. Hill
    Homomallium T.L. Blockeel Tetraplodon N.G. Hodgetts
    Hookeria S.L. Pilkington Tetrodontium M.O. Hill
    Hygroamblystegium T.L. Blockeel Thamnobryum S.L. Pilkington
    Hygrohypnum T.L. Blockeel Thuidium T.L. Blockeel
    Hylocomiastrum S.D.S. Bosanquet Timmia N.G. Hodgetts
    Hylocomium S.L. Pilkington Tomentypnum M.O. Hill
    Hymenostylium D.F. Chamberlain Tortella D.F. Chamberlain
    Hyocomium G.P. Rothero Tortula D.F. Chamberlain
    Hypnum G.P. Rothero Trematodon G.P. Rothero
    Isopterygiopsis N.G. Hodgetts Trichodon G.P. Rothero
    Isothecium T.L. Blockeel Trichostomum T.L. Blockeel
    Kiaeria G.P. Rothero Ulota T.L. Blockeel
    Kindbergia T.L. Blockeel Warnstorfia M.O. Hill
        Weissia D.F. Chamberlain
        Zygodon T.L. Blockeel

Note: DNA work at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (Bell et al., 2013) has shown that our current understanding of the genus Cephaloziella is inadequate and a complete revision is needed before most of the species can be identified reliably.

Contact details:

Mr D. Bell, Royal Botanic Garden, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh EH3 5LR. e:
Mr T.H. Blackstock, Eirianallt, Glanrafon, Llangoed, Anglesey, LL58 8PG. e:
Mr T.L. Blockeel, 9 Ashfurlong Close, Dore, Sheffield, S17 3NN. e:
Mr S.D.S. Bosanquet, Dingestow Court, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, NP25 4DY. e: Twitter: @sambbryo.
Dr D.F. Chamberlain, Royal Botanic Garden, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR. e:
Dr M.O. Hill, 11 Chaucer Road, Cambridge, CB2 7EB. e:
Mr N.G. Hodgetts, 15 Earlish, Portree, Isle of Skye, IV51 9XL. e:
Dr D.T. Holyoak, Quinta da Cachopa, Rua da Barcoila no. 274, 6100-014 Cabeçudo, Portugal. e:
Dr D.G. Long, Royal Botanic Garden, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR. e:
Mr T.W. Ottley, Valley Forge, Goginan, Aberystwyth, SY23 3PD. e:
Ms S.L. Pilkington, 66 Newtown, Westbury, BA13 3EF. e:
Mr R.D. Porley, Cerca dos Pomares, CxP 409M, 8670-052 Aljezur, Portugal. e:
Mr G.P. Rothero, 8 Deer Park, Glenmassan, Dunoon, Argyll, PA23 8RA. e:
Mr. M. Stribley, 8 St George's Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 3JE. e:


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