Protologue Description: Peltigera lambinonii Goffinet sp. nov.
Peltvgerae didactylae affinis a qua imprimis differt rhizinis maxime numerosis, dense ramosis et anastomosantibus, stratum compactum formantibus, et soredüs gyrophoratem methylicum et acidum gyrophoricum producentibus.
Typus: Zaire: Kivu, Top of Mt. Biega, heath with Erica bequaertü and Phihppia, 2740 m, 6 January 1972, Lambinon 72/Z/102 (LG-holotypus; herb. Goffinet-isotypus).
The species is named in honour of Prof. Jacques Lambinon (Liege, Belgium) who collected the typus.
Thallus medium-sized to 8-0 cm across, tan to light brown when dry; lobes 1-0-1-5 cm broad, flat to concave with upright margins, thin but robust, with maculiform to submarginal soralia, 2-4 mm wide, round to elongate, bluish-grey with brownish margin, eventually confluent; soredia granular, 50-75 µm in diam.; upper surface smooth, dull, with tomentum appressed near margin and lacking toward centre; lower surface with distinct veins, 0-5 mm wide, pale to dark brown toward the centre; rhizines up to 4 mm long, pale and somewhat fasciculate when young (near margin) but becoming rapidly dark brown, densely branched to fibrillose and anastomosed, forming a dense spongy carpet hiding the lower surface. Cortex paraplectenchymatous, 25-50 µm, photobiont layer 50-65 µm, containing Nostoc, medulla 130-160 µm.
Apothecia up to 4-5 (-6) mm wide, on elongate upright lobes, disc round to elliptical, hazelnut brown, saddle-shaped; hypothecium pale brown; hymenium 70-110 pm; paraphyses simple; asci clavate to cylindrical 55-85 X 11 µm, containing 8 ascospores; spores acicular, mainly straight, triseptate 35-65 X 3-4 ~ µm.

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