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The data provided here have been extracted from the digital version of the Dipterocarpaceae data base, the full version of which is held in the PANDORA taxonomic data base system at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

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Instructions for searching the Dipterocarpaceae data set

To search the data set, enter one or more words from the scientific name in which you are interested into the appropriate fields of the form. Enter Genus names in the Genus name field and species names in the Species name field

The results of the searches from each field will be combined using a logical AND. That is only searches that match ALL the criteria entered will be returned.

N.B. Entries ARE case sensitive.

To look up Shorea leprosula Miq., enter:

Shorea in the genus name field, and leprosula in the Species name field.

Multiple search criteria can be entered into each field and should be separated by a comma. For each field, the values returned will be combined using a logical OR.

To look up both Shorea leprosula Miq. and Anisoptera costata Korth., enter:

Shorea, Anisoptera in the genus name field, and leprosula, costata in the Species name field.

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