Several people and institutions have contributed to this list. The comments and suggestions of following botanists are greatly appreciated: C. C. Berg (Moraceae, Ulmaceae, Cecropiaceae), H. H. Iltis and F. X. Cornejo Sotomayor (Capparaceae), T. D. Pennington (complete list), R. T. Pennington (complete list), C. H. Hughes (Leguminosae), C. Ostolaza (Cactaceae), F. J. Fernandez Casas (Jatropha and Cnidoscolus), P. A. Fryxell (Malvaceae), P. Maas (Annonaceae), C. Taylor (Rubiaceae), H. van der Werff (Lauraceae), M. Nee (Solanaceae), L. Rico (Leguminosae), G. Lewis (Leguminosae).


Thanks to the keepers and curators of the following herbaria for allowing me access to their material: E, K, MOL, HAO, OXF, FHO.