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Dr Brian Coppins
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR, U.K.

Research Interests
Academic Career

Research Interests

The taxonomy and biogeography of north-west European lichens, though with particular expertise in the genus Micarea.

Research on British lichens focusses on the identification of difficult crustose species (especially sterile crusts), using morphological and chemical characters. My academic interests are, however, wide-ranging: e.g. including the South-East Asian Thelotremataceae, Lobarion epiphytes in the Eastern Carpathians, lichen ecology in native Scottish woodlands, and comprising expeditions to and species inventory for Borneo and Chile.

Conservation Applications

Taxonomic expertise is applied in UK biodiversity conservation, towards which I contribute specialist advice and maintain key resourses, e.g. the British Lichen Checklist and Taxon Dictionary, the Synonym List and the UK Conservation Evaluation. In addition I maintain the BLS catalogue of unpublished 'Grey Literature', e.g. site and species accounts, conservation reports etc.



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Conservations Reports

Author of over 100 unpublished conservation reports (e.g. site inventories, species dossiers, management plans) on behalf of government and non-government agencies, cf. 'Grey Literature'

Academic Career

1974 -: Ascomycete Taxonomist, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, U.K.
Principal Scientific Officer, 1985-2010; Senior Scientific Officer, 1979-1985; Higher Scientific Officer, 1974-1979.

Current Teaching

Specialist workshops on lichen identification and ecology, for a very wide range of organisations.

Grants and Awards

Linnean Medal for Botany - 2011
Acharius Medal, awarded by the International Association of Lichenology - 2010
Outstanding Contribution to Plant Conservation, awarded by Plantlife - 2009
Ursula Duncan Award, awarded by the British Lichen Society - 2005
Honorary Life Member, British Lichen Society - 1994

2007 - The Leverhulme Trust, £107,309: research grant, 'Britain's Lost Biodiversity - a unique base-line for environmental recovery' (# F/00 771/B)
1997 - Darwin Initiative, £99,450: 'Lobarion lichens of the Eastern Carpathians' (# 162/6/111)
1993, 1995 & 2000 - Scottish Natural Heritage, 3 grants of ca £26,000: action plans for lower plants in Scotland.

Editorial Positions

2009: British Lichen Flora Committee (2nd Ed.)
2001- : Editorial Board, Turkish Journal of Botany
1983- : Editorial Board, The Lichenologist
1984-2001: Senior Editor, Edinburgh Journal of Botany (formerly Notes from the RBG Edinburgh)
1992: British Lichen Flora Committee (1st Ed.)


1982: PhD. Taxonomy, Kings College London, U.K.
1970: BSc. Special Botany, University of Hull, UK.


American Bryological and Lichenological Society
Australian Association for Lichenology
Botanical Society of Scotland British Lichen Society (President 1988/89)
British Mycological Society
International Association for Lichenology
Native Woodlands Discussion Group
Systematics Association