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Ms Louise Olley
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR, U.K.
tel: +44 (0)131 248-2800
e-mail: l.olley(at)rbge.org.uk

Research Interests
Academic Career


Research Interests

I am responsible for the curation of fungal specimens - especially lichens - into the RGB Edinburgh herbarium, comprising both British and foreign material.

My experience includes leading a project to compile the first comprehensive checklist of Nepalese lichen species based in part on my collection of over 1,200 specimens from Nepal in 2007 - Checklist of Nepalese Lichens

Additionally, I have contributed botanical art towards RBGE publications and taught botanical art for the past 14 years.


OLLEY, L. & Sharma, L.R. (2013) A provisional checklist of the lichens of Nepal. Journal of the Department of Plant Resources Nepal, 35: 18-21

Jørgensen M. & OLLEY L. (2010) A new hairy Leptogium from Nepal. The Lichenologist, 42: 387-389.

OLLEY, L. (2008) Lichens of Nepal Expedition 2007. Bulletin of the British Lichen Society, 103: 24-32.

Sharma R., OLLEY, L., Cross, A. & Joshi, M. D. (2007). A field report of lichen collection expedition (2007) Nepal. Bulletin of the Deptartment of Plant Resources No. 31.

OLLEY, L. (2001/2002) Drawing a fine line between art, and science. The Botanics (winter issue).

Botanical Illustration

Argent, G. (2006) Rhododendrons of subgenus vireya. The Royal Horticultural Society, London.

Noltie, H.J. (2000) Flora of Bhutan: The Grasses of Bhutan Vol 3. Part 2.

McKean, D.R. (1999). A new Epilobium hybrid from Scotland, E. pendunculare A. Cunn. x E. montanum L. Watsonia, 22: 417-419.

Noltie, H.J. (1998) A new species of Juncus (Juncaceae) from the Sino-Himalaya. Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 55: 39-44.

Newman, M.F., Burgess, P.F., Whitmore, T.C. (1998). Manuals of Dipterocarps for Foresters: Java to New Guinea. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh & Center for International Forestry Research.

Argent, G. et al. (1997). Manual of the larger and more important non Dipterocarp trees of central Kalimantan, Indonesia (Vol. 1 & 2). Forest Research Institute Samarinda, Indonesia.

Mill, R.R. (1996) Notes relating to the flora of Bhutan: XXXII. Boraginaceae: II. Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 53: 113-125.

Academic Career

Two years in horticulture prior to university. Two Botanical Expeditions to Indonesia (1991 & 1993). Freelance botanical illustrator (bulk of work centred on ink drawings for a wide range of scientific/botanical publications, publicity flyers and brochures). Botanical art tutor at the RBGE 1997-2007. Moved to Curation in the herbarium 2001 and completed the Scottish Lichen Apprentice Scheme funded by the British Lichen Society.

Botanical Exhibitions & Lectures

Inverleith House. Glasgow Botanic Garden. Broughton Gallery. Scotland's Gardens Scheme, 2000 & 2001. Invited lecture for the Friends of the Royal Scottish Academy 2001 Invited lecture for the Pentland Art Club 2001.


1995: MSc. Taxonomy and Biodiversity of Plants, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
1993: BSc (Hons) Biology, Kings College London, U.K.