Multisite Searches

The data available from this page are extracted from the on-line Living Collections at the sites shown below. You can simultaneously search as many of these databases as you wish.Simply check the box next to the site or sites that you wish to query.
Search by scientific or common name

Enter one or more words from the scientific or common name (excluding authorities or cultivar indicators eg. cv).
Entries can be either upper case or lower case.
Either * or ] can be used as wildcard characters at the end of any search values.For example to search for all values starting with Gent, enter
gent* or gent]
Multiple search criteria should be separated by a comma.
For example to lookup Gentiana acaulis L., enter:
gentiana acaulis
To look up both Gentiana acaulis L. and Rhododendron lepidotum Wall. ex G.Don, enter:
gentiana acaulis, rhododendron lepidotum.
This interface and underlying search engine has been developed by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.