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Cortia DC.
Mark F. Watson
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Acaulous ascending perennials, rarely adpressed-prostrate, crowns surrounded by fibrous leaf remains. Leaves oblong in outline, pinnate; pinnae ovate in outline, finely pinnatisect into small, linear-lanceolate segments; petioles narrowly winged at base. Umbels compound, usually sessile on crown of plant; rays lax, erect to ascending; bracts and bracteoles finely pinnatisect (bracteoles sometimes linear), slightly longer and fringing the umbellule. Calyx teeth linear lanceolate, unequal. Petals obovate with an acute inflexed tip. Stylopodium domed, styles short, spreading in fruit. Fruit oblong-ellipsoid, rounded to obtuse at ends, mericarps much compressed dorsally, dorsal ribs prominent, sometimes narrowly winged, lateral ones broadly winged. 
Cortia depressa (D.Don) C.Norman
    Athamanta depressa D.Don
    Cortia lindleii DC.
    Cortia oreomyrrhiformis Farille & S.B.Malla
    Cortia nepalensis C.Norman
Vernacular Name: Bam-po (Medicinal name). 

Leaf rachis and main veins, petioles and inflorescence branches densely puberulent to almost glabrous. Leaves 1.5–7(–15) x 0.75–2.5(–4)cm, pinnae 3–10 x 3–7mm, often distjunctly spaced on the rachis, pinnatisect into short fine linear lobes 1–8 x 0.3–0.75mm. Peduncles 0–4(–13)cm long, stout, erect; umbels 3–6-rayed; rays (2.5–)4–15(–21)cm, slender; umbellules 1–1.5(–2.5)cm diameter, pedicels 2–10mm; bracteoles 1.5–2 x pedicels. Calyx teeth linear-lanceolate, 0.5–1(–1.25)mm. Flowers slightly fragrant, petals white, purplish to deep purple-red, c 1.5 x 1mm. Stylopodium pitted; styles 0.5–1.5mm, little elongated in fruit. Fruit (3–)4–5 x 3–4mm, lateral wings 0.75–1mm broad, vittae not apparent from the outside. 

Bhutan: C—Thimphu district (Barshong, Bimelang Tso–Dungtso La, Darkey Pang Tso, Ginnekah, Paya La, Phajudin, Pyemitangka–Bela La, Somana, Talukah Gompa) and Tongsa district (Thita Tso); N—Upper Mo Chu district (Laya), Upper Pho Chu district (Gyophu La) and Upper Kulong Chu district (Shingbe La).
Chumbi: Champitang, Chumbi, Galing, Yatung.
Sikkim: Bikbari, Cho La, Chomnagu, Kaukola, Khangchengyao, Lachen, Lampokri, Langnak La, Onglakthang, Sherabthang, Yak La, Yeumthang.
Darjeeling: Tosa. 

Ecology: Alpine turf and grass-covered rocks, amongst rocks, on free-draining hillsides or banks, etc., 3350–4900m. Flowers (May–)July–August. 

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