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Haplosphaera Handel-Mazzetti
Mark F. Watson
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Stout erect perennials. Leaves 2-pinnate; leaflets pinnatisect; ultimate segments ovate, pinnatified; petioles sheathing at base (broadly so in upper leaves). Umbels densely crowded into a compact-globose head, at first appearing simple, later more obviously compound; bracts absent. Calyx teeth inconspicuous. Petals ovate, inflexed. Fruit broadly obovoid, smooth, mericarps 5-angled in cross-section, ribs conspicuous. 
Haplosphaera himalayensis Ludlow

Plants up to 120cm, stem to 1.5cm thick, surrounded by leaf remains at the base; rootstock cylindrical, ca 5 x 1–1.5cm. Leaves ovate-triangular in outline, 12–15 x 13–15 cm; ultimate segments acute-dentate, mucronate; petioles 10–15cm. Umbels 1.5–2.5cm across; umbellules 5–18-flowered; pedicels 2–3mm, stout; bracteoles 4–8, linear-lanceolate c 6mm. Petals dark brown, acute, 1.5 x 1–1.25mm. Filaments greenish-white, anthers dull green. Fruit c 3 x 1.5mm, olive green. 

Bhutan: N—Upper Kulong Chu district (Me La). 

Ecology: On open hillside, 3900m. Flowers August. 

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