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Pleurospermopsis C.Norman
Mark F. Watson
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Glabrous, aromatic biennials or perennials with thick tap-root; stems stout, erect, usually with papery remains of leaves at base. Leaves mainly basal, pinnate, oblong in outline, stiffly subcoriaceous; leaflets ovate with coarsely serrate margin; petiole abruptly winged and sheathing at base. Umbels compound; bracts lobed and coarsly toothed at apex, stiffly-papery; umbellules crowded, pedicels very short; bracteoles numerous, similar to bracts but shorter, rigid, persistent and remaining erect after fruiting. Calyx teeth small, triangular-acute, persistent in fruit. Petals broadly oblong–obovate, entire. Stylopodium flat-domed. Fruit green with blackened tip, narrowly oblong, slightly compressed laterally, mericarps 5-ridged, ridges with narrow wing. 
Pleurospermopsis sikkimensis (C.B.Clarke) C.Norman
    Pleurospermum sikkimense C.B.Clarke.
Stems 10–50cm tall, c 1cm thick at base. Lower leaves 10–28cm long (including petiole); pinnae in 3–7 pairs, green above, often purplish below, ovate or suborbicular, 0.8–1.75 x 0.7–2cm, acute, base rounded or truncate, margin coarsely serrate; petiole wings often spotted purple. Umbels 4–15(–25)cm across, 4–7-rayed; rays (1.5–)4–13cm, stout, to 3mm thick; bracts green, obovate, 2–3.5cm, sharply 3–5 lobed at apex, lobes coarsely toothed; umbellules 2–4cm across, pedicels c 1mm; bracteoles similar to bracts, 7–16 x 4–8mm, longer than and fringing the flowers, 3-lobed, lobes toothed, acute. Calyx teeth purple-black, c 0.5mm. Petals deep red-purple to blackish-purple. Fruit 3–4 x 1.5mm. 

Bhutan: C—Ha district (Damthang to Sharithang) and Thimphu district (Bimelang Tso to Dungtsho La, Darkey Pang Tso, Phajoding); N—Upper Mo Chu district (Laya, Yale La).
Chumbi: Meerik La, Yatung.
Sikkim: Cheumsanthang, Dzongri, Kaukola, Onglakthang, Thangshing, Yak La, Yeumthang. 

Ecology: Amongst rocks and shrubs in moorland, scree, etc. 3900–4250m.
Flowers January–September(–October). 

Illustration [Fig. 49 j-l]

Specimen List [11624]

Note: A distinctive monotypic genus endemic to high elevations in Bhutan, Chumbi and Sikkim. 

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