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Semenovia Regel & Herder
Mark F. Watson
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Dwarf perennial herbs with a stout tap-root; base of stem surrounded by fibrous leaf remains. Leaves mainly basal, pinnate, linear-oblong in outline; pinnae small, deeply lobed to pinnatifid. Umbels compound with distinct peduncles; bracts and bracteoles linear-lanceolate, entire. Calyx teeth small, linear-lanceolate. Petals broadly obovate, outer flowers in umbel somewhat zygomorphic with larger, bilobed outer petal. Stylopodium a flattened dome. Fruit ellipsoid or obovoid, covered with dense white patent hairs, dorsally compressed, dorsal ridges scarcely prominent with 1 or 2 broad dark lines between each pair extending from top of mericarp to near base, marginal ridges winged.
Semenovia millefolia (Diels) V.Vinogradova & R.Kamelin
    Heracleum millefolium Diels
Whole plant white puberulent, some parts densely so. Leaves narrowly oblong in outline 3–16 x 0.6–2.5cm; leaflets in 3–5 somewhat distant pairs, ovate-oblong in outline, 3–12 x 2–9mm. Peduncles 6–26cm long, erect or ascending, leafless or with one leaf near base. Umbels compact, 1.5–4cm across, 5–12-rayed; bracts 2–6mm; rays 0.5–1.5cm; umbellules 0.7–1.5cm across; bracteoles 3–5mm. Petals white, yellowish or purplish, outer ones up to 4.5 x 7mm. Calyx teeth c 0.75mm. Fruit (immature) c 4–5 x 3–4mm. 

Chumbi: Dotag, Patong, Phari to Tuna. 

Ecology: Open hillsides, 4000–4500m. Flowers July–August. 

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