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Anthriscus sylvestris young fruit

Bee on Umbellifer flowers


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This website, and it's sister the Araliaceae Resource Centre, are designed to provide an international virtual information network for researchers interested in the flowering plant Order Apiales. It includes information on publications, research projects, individuals, datasets, news and views, etc. The aim is to promote international collaboration and the global exchange of information, and thus reducing duplication of research effort. It will also be useful for others as a general tool for sourcing data on the families concerned, establishing contact with the relevent experts, and many other purposes. In order to make this as useful as possible we would like to incorporate many projects, large and small into these pages. This is particularly important for student research and on-going projects that have not otherwise been advertised through published papers, conference presentatations, etc., and we encourage anyone to make a contribution.

These pages are written using frames and basic javascript. The may cause alerts in some browsers and in these cases the scripting should be allowed. Scalable fonts are used, if these are too small to read then they can be enlarged using your browser settings (e.g. the View: Text Size menu in Internet Explorer).