collage by Micha Bayer

This is the old entry page for Algae World and gives access to all of the material added to the site before 2007, together with most newer material. However, as the site is expanded, some material will be accessible only from the new entry page. In effect, the Algae World website has an archaeology, different layers having different content and different styles. The site is developed without professional assistance and we do not have time or skills, or even the inclination, to impose a uniform appearance to the whole site.

The links down the left-hand side provide navigation, in both the older and newer sections. Anyone remembering the site pre-August 2007 will recognize the style of the older parts, although we have reformatted all pages to avoid frames and  most tables have been removed.The site is developed as and when we have time. Months will go by without changes, except to our lists of publications, which are generally up-to-date. Then there may be a burst of activity, adding new material. Please return from time to time, to check what is available.

Some of the pages in the older sections were originally designed and authored by Micha Bayer (who also produced the collage on this page); others were written by Stephen Droop, assisted by Frances Parry. The site is now maintained by David Mann

Last update was 20 November 2007.