Phycology at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The history of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh can be traced back to 1670, when a physic garden was established in Edinburgh, to support medicine in the city. Several important phycologists have been associated with the Garden during its long history, including Robert Kaye Greville and William Gregory, and the Garden possesses important herbarium collections of seaweeds and diatoms. Phycology was introduced to the portfolio of Royal Botanic Garden research only in 1990, with the appointment of David Mann as Deputy Director and Head of Science; in 1996 he returned to full-time research and teaching. Currently, there are three staff engaged in phycological research at RBGE:

Professor David Mann

Dr Shinya Sato (Postdoctoral Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

Dr Hans Sluiman

[Dr Katharine Evans was NERC Postdoctoral Fellow at RBGE, 2005-2010]

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