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Tongoloa H.Wolff
Mark F. Watson
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Glabrous, erect little-branched perennials from a woody tap-root. Leaves basal and cauline, broadly triangular in outline, finely 2–3-pinnate or -pinnatisect; petioles slender, tapering to a somewhat broad basal sheath (broadest in upper leaves). Umbels compound, rather lax, mainly terminal with a few smaller secondary laterals; bracts absent or few; bracteoles 3–15, linear-subulate. Calyx teeth minute to obsolete. Petals white to purple, obovate with rounded apex and distinct claw, flowers weakly irregular. Stylopodium low, domed; styles short erect to spreading. Fruit scarcely compressed, ovate-oblong to sub-globose, cordate at base, weakly 4–5 ribbed. 

Note: A poorly defined genus requiring further work. See also Pimpinella, Sinocarum and Vicatia

Key to species
1 Stems slender; ultimate segements of leaves oblong-acute, >1mm broad T. gracilis
+ Stems rather thicker; ultimate segments of leaves filiform mucronate <0.5mm broad T. loloensis

Tongoloa gracilis H.Wolff
    Pimpinella tilia M.Hiroe.
Slender-stemmed herb (5–)13–40(–75)cm, from a slender tap-root covered in papery leaf remains at crown. Leaves 2–3-pinnate, to 17 x 5(–10)cm (including petiole); leaflets to 10 x 8mm, ovate in outline, 3–5-lobed; ultimate segments 2–6 x 1-1.5mm, oblong acute; petioles of lower leaves long and slender, to 15cm (or more), sheathing base to 5mm broad. Umbels 2.5–4cm across, 5–7(or more)-rayed on peduncles 4–10cm long; rays 0.3–3cm, almost equal; bracts solitary, lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, 4–10mm long; umbellules 5–13mm across, (7–)10–15-flowered; pedicels 1.5–4mm; bracteoles 3–7, to 9mm, linear-subulate, often as long as or exceeding the flowers, margins often minutely scaberulous. Calyx teeth obsolete to minute-triangular. Petals dark purple to tipped white, c 2 x 1mm. Stylopodium dark purple with wavy margin, styles pale green, erect. Fruits (immature) rather oblong with conspicuous ribs. 

Bhutan: N—Upper Mo Chhu districts (Laya). 

Ecology: Alpine turf amongst low scrub, 4080m. Flowers September. 

Specimen List [14246]

Tongoloa loloensis (Franchet) H.Wolff
    Carum loloense Franchet
    Pimpinella loloensis (Franchet) H. Boissieu
    Trachydium loloensis (Franchet) M.Hiroe
Erect herb 7–30(or more)cm tall from a short woody tap-root. Leaves 3–18 x 1.5–4cm (including petiole), 2–3-pinnate or -pinnatifid into long linear-subulate segments; ultimate segments 2–8 x 0.3–0.5mm, filiform with a mucronate tip; petiole with moderate sheathing base to 8mm broad in upper leaves. Umbels 3–8cm across, 8–15-rayed; rays 1–5, subequal; bracts 0–3, linear subulate, to 5mm, early falling; umbellules 6–12mm across, 14–25-flowered; bracteoles numerous, (4–)8–15, subulate, to 6mm long, about equalling the flowers. Calyx teeth obsolete. Petals  white or flushed pink, c 1.5 x 1mm. Stylopodium flattened dark purple, domed; styles green, erect to divergent. Fruit ovoid, c 2.5 x 2mm, ribs moderately prominent. 

Bhutan: S—Sankosh district (Daga La); C—Thimphu district (Taktsang Monastery). 

Ecology: Alpine turf and amongst rocks, 3150–4100m. Flowers September–October. 

Specimen List [14236]

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