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This website presents information on the ferns of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia through species Factsheets. These Factsheets can be accessed from the Thai Checklist, Lao Checklist, Cambodian Checklist or Species Index pages. In the Checklists click on the Factsheet icon beside each name ( with images, or without images); in the Index click on any hyperlinked name.

Each Factsheet contains a synthesis of information on the species or variety concerned. The data sources are mainly from the Flora of Thailand and Flore Générale de l'Indo-Chine but each has been updated to reflect current generic and species concepts, with accompanying nomenclatural information, and the descriptions have been amended to include material that we have seen or where we felt greater clarity was needed. This is an ongoing process and we would encourage users to let us know if any data is incorrect or needs improvement. In cases where the Flora of Thailand or Flore Générale de l'Indo-Chine had an incomplete description, or for taxa discovered since where there is no published description for Thai, Lao and Cambodian plants, we have used information from Flora Malesiana or the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia with permission. These are acknowledged as such in the Factsheets. In other cases we have used the description from the protologue or written a new description ourselves. All descriptions will continue to be updated as new material becomes available.

The Factsheets also contain information on the distribution of species in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and globally, again updated with more recent material compared to the distributions as published in the Flora of Thailand and Flore Générale de l'Indo-Chine accounts; ecology taken mainly from the Flora of Thailand but updated with information from more recent collections and other literature sources; a proposed IUCN conservation assessment (or an existing IUCN assessment for those very few taxa where one has already been published on the IUCN Redlisting site); additional notes for some taxa; species to which a taxon is similar; and voucher material used to compile the Factsheet.

More than half of the Factsheets also contain photographs. The photographs are presented as thumbnails in the Factsheet. Clicking on any thumbnail will open a slideshow of larger images which can be scrolled through using the "Prev" and "Next" buttons (which appear when the cursor is placed over the image) or by using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. We hope to add many more images to the Factsheets as they become available to us.

Our Factsheets were compiled using Fact Sheet Fusion with a customised template.