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Current names; arranged alphabetically by Family; based on Lindsay et al., 2009d

-- Revised 17 November 2016 --


We currently recognise 646 fern species in Thailand (cf. Laos; cf.Cambodia).


All the names in this Checklist are hyperlinked to a species Factsheet via one of two icons: denotes a hyperlink to a Factsheet containing images; denotes a hyperlink to a Factsheet that is currently without images.


Aspleniaceae (43), Athyriaceae (41), Blechnaceae (7), Cibotiaceae (1), Cyatheaceae (8), Davalliaceae (18), Dennstaedtiaceae (18), Didymochlaenaceae (1), Dipteridaceae (2), Dryopteridaceae (62), Equisetaceae (2), Gleicheniaceae (13), Hymenophyllaceae (38), Hypodematiaceae (3), Lindsaeaceae (24), Lomariopsidaceae (10), Lygodiaceae (7), Marattiaceae (4), Marsileaceae (1), Matoniaceae (1), Oleandraceae (4), Ophioglossaceae (6), Osmundaceae (3), Plagiogyriaceae (2), Polypodiaceae (134), Psilotaceae (2), Pteridaceae subfam. Cheilanthoideae (17), Pteridaceae subfam. Cryptogrammoideae (3), Pteridaceae subfam. Parkerioideae (3), Pteridaceae subfam. Pteridoideae (35), Pteridaceae subfam. Vittarioideae (32), Rhachidosoraceae (1), Salviniaceae (4), Schizaeaceae (3), Tectariaceae (40), Thelypteridaceae (53).



View FactsheetAsplenium affine Sw.
View FactsheetAsplenium antrophyoides Christ
View FactsheetAsplenium batuense Alderw.
View FactsheetAsplenium cardiophyllum (Hance) Baker
View FactsheetAsplenium confusum Tardieu & Ching
View FactsheetAsplenium crinicaule Hance
View FactsheetAsplenium delavayi (Franch.) Copel.
View FactsheetAsplenium ensiforme Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetAsplenium exiguum Bedd.
View FactsheetAsplenium finlaysonianum Wall. ex Hook.
View FactsheetAsplenium grevillei Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetAsplenium gueinzianum Mett. ex Kuhn
View FactsheetAsplenium humbertii Tardieu
View FactsheetAsplenium inaequilaterale Willd.
View FactsheetAsplenium interjectum Christ
View FactsheetAsplenium laciniatum D.Don
View FactsheetAsplenium longissimum Blume
View FactsheetAsplenium macrophyllum Sw.
View FactsheetAsplenium nidus L. var. nidus
View FactsheetAsplenium nidus L. var. musifolium (Mett.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetAsplenium nitidum Sw.
View FactsheetAsplenium normale D.Don
View FactsheetAsplenium paradoxum Blume
View FactsheetAsplenium pellucidum Lam.
View FactsheetAsplenium perakense C.G.Matthew & Christ
View FactsheetAsplenium phyllitidis D.Don. subsp. phyllitidis
View FactsheetAsplenium phyllitidis D.Don. subsp. malesicum Holttum
View FactsheetAsplenium polyodon G.Forst.
View FactsheetAsplenium rockii C.Chr.
View FactsheetAsplenium salignum Blume
View FactsheetAsplenium scortechinii Bedd.
View FactsheetAsplenium siamense Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetAsplenium simonsianum Hook.
View FactsheetAsplenium tenerum G.Forst.
View FactsheetAsplenium tenuifolium D.Don
View FactsheetAsplenium thunbergii Kunze
View FactsheetAsplenium truncatum Blume
View FactsheetAsplenium vittaeforme Cav.
View FactsheetAsplenium yoshinagae Makino
View FactsheetHymenasplenium apogamum (N.Murak. & Hatan.) Nakaike
View FactsheetHymenasplenium cheilosorum (Kunze ex Mett.) Tagawa
View FactsheetHymenasplenium excisum (C.Presl) S.Linds.
View FactsheetHymenasplenium inthanonense N.Murak. & J.Yokoy.
View FactsheetHymenasplenium obscurum (Blume) Tagawa


View FactsheetAthyrium anisopterum Christ
View FactsheetAthyrium cumingianum (C.Presl) Milde
View FactsheetAthyrium cuspidatum (Bedd.) M.Kato
View FactsheetAthyrium dissitifolium (Baker) C.Chr.
View FactsheetAthyrium mackinnonii (C.Hope) C.Chr.
View FactsheetAthyrium setiferum C.Chr.
View FactsheetCornopteris opaca (D.Don) Tagawa
View FactsheetDeparia petersenii (Kunze) M.Kato
View FactsheetDeparia subfluvialis (Hayata) M.Kato
View FactsheetDiplazium accedens Blume
View FactsheetDiplazium bantamense Blume
View FactsheetDiplazium conterminum Christ
View FactsheetDiplazium cordifolium Blume
View FactsheetDiplazium crenato-serratum (Blume) T.Moore
View FactsheetDiplazium dilatatum Blume
View FactsheetDiplazium doederleinii (Luerss.) Makino
View FactsheetDiplazium donianum (Mett.) Tardieu
View FactsheetDiplazium esculentum (Retz.) Sw.
View FactsheetDiplazium heterophlebium (Mett. ex Baker) Diels
View FactsheetDiplazium leptophyllum Christ
View FactsheetDiplazium malaccense C.Presl
View FactsheetDiplazium megaphyllum (Baker) Christ
View FactsheetDiplazium mettenianum (Miq.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetDiplazium muricatum (Mett.) Alderw.
View FactsheetDiplazium petelotii Tardieu
View FactsheetDiplazium petrii Tardieu
View FactsheetDiplazium polypodioides Blume
View FactsheetDiplazium prescottianum (Wall. ex Hook.) T.Moore
View FactsheetDiplazium procumbens Holttum
View FactsheetDiplazium riparium Holttum
View FactsheetDiplazium siamense C.Chr.
View FactsheetDiplazium silvaticum (Bory) Sw.
View FactsheetDiplazium simplicivenium Holttum
View FactsheetDiplazium sorzogonense (C.Presl) C.Presl
View FactsheetDiplazium subintegrum Holttum
View FactsheetDiplazium subserratum Blume
View FactsheetDiplazium subsinuatum (Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.) Tagawa
View FactsheetDiplazium taiwanense Tagawa
View FactsheetDiplazium tomentosum Blume
View FactsheetDiplazium virescens Kunze
View FactsheetDiplazium xiphophyllum (Baker) C.Chr.


View FactsheetBlechnum finlaysonianum Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetBlechnum indicum Burm.f.
View FactsheetBlechnum orientale L.
View FactsheetBrainea insignis (Hook.) J.Sm.
View FactsheetStenochlaena palustris (Burm.f.) Bedd.
View FactsheetWoodwardia harlandii Hook.
View FactsheetWoodwardia japonica (L.f.) Sm.


View FactsheetCibotium barometz (L.) J.Sm.


View FactsheetCyathea borneensis Copel.
View FactsheetCyathea chinensis Copel.
View FactsheetCyathea contaminans (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetCyathea gigantea (Wall. ex Hook.) Holttum
View FactsheetCyathea latebrosa (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetCyathea moluccana R.Br.
View FactsheetCyathea podophylla (Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetCyathea spinulosa Wall. ex Hook.


View FactsheetDavallia angustata Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetDavallia corniculata T.Moore
View FactsheetDavallia denticulata (Burm.f.) Mett. ex Kuhn
View FactsheetDavallia divaricata Blume
View FactsheetDavallia embolostegia Copel.
View FactsheetDavallia heterophylla Sm.
View FactsheetDavallia pectinata Sm.
View FactsheetDavallia perdurans Christ
View FactsheetDavallia repens (L.f.) Kuhn
View FactsheetDavallia solida (G.Forst.) Sw.
View FactsheetDavallia trichomanoides Blume var. trichomanoides
View FactsheetDavallia trichomanoides Blume var. lorrainii (Hance) Holttum
View FactsheetDavallodes hymenophylloides (Blume) M.Kato & Tsutsumi
View FactsheetDavallodes imbricata (Ching) M.Kato & Tsutsumi
View FactsheetDavallodes membranulosa (Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetDavallodes pseudocystopteris (Kunze) M.Kato & Tsutsumi
View FactsheetDavallodes pulchra (D.Don) M.Kato & Tsutsumi
View FactsheetDavallodes viscidula (Kuhn) Alderw.


View FactsheetDennstaedtia scabra (Wall. ex Hook.) T.Moore
View FactsheetHistiopteris incisa (Thunb.) J.Sm.
View FactsheetHypolepis punctata (Thunb.) Mett. ex Kuhn
View FactsheetMicrolepia calvescens (Wall. ex Hook.) C.Presl
View FactsheetMicrolepia firma Mett. ex Kuhn
View FactsheetMicrolepia herbacea Ching & C.Chr. ex Tardieu & C.Chr.
View FactsheetMicrolepia hookeriana (Wall. ex Hook.) C.Presl
View FactsheetMicrolepia kurzii (C.B.Clarke) Bedd.
View FactsheetMicrolepia platyphylla (D.Don) J.Sm.
View FactsheetMicrolepia puberula Alderw.
View FactsheetMicrolepia ridleyi Copel.
View FactsheetMicrolepia speluncae (L.) T.Moore
View FactsheetMicrolepia strigosa (Thunb.) C.Presl
View FactsheetMicrolepia taiwaniana Tagawa
View FactsheetMicrolepia trapeziformis (Roxb.) Kuhn
View FactsheetMonachosorum henryi Christ
View FactsheetPteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn
View FactsheetPteridium semihastatum (Wall. ex J.Agardh) S.B.Andrews


View FactsheetDidymochlaena truncatula (Sw.) J.Sm.


View FactsheetCheiropleuria bicuspis (Blume) C.Presl
View FactsheetDipteris conjugata Reinw.


View FactsheetAcrophorus nodosus C.Presl
View FactsheetArachniodes assamica (Kuhn) Ohwi
View FactsheetArachniodes cavalerii (Christ) Ohwi
View FactsheetArachniodes chinensis (Rosenst.) Ching
View FactsheetArachniodes henryi (Christ) Ching
View FactsheetArachniodes speciosa (D.Don) Ching
View FactsheetArachniodes spectabilis (Ching) Ching
View FactsheetArachniodes subreflexipinna (Ogata) Ching
View FactsheetBolbitis angustipinna (Hayata) H.Ito
View FactsheetBolbitis appendiculata (Willd.) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetBolbitis copelandii Ching ex C.Chr. & Tardieu
View FactsheetBolbitis costata (C.Presl) Ching ex C.Chr.
View FactsheetBolbitis deltigera (Bedd.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetBolbitis heteroclita (C.Presl) Ching ex C.Chr.
View FactsheetBolbitis hookeriana K.Iwats.
View FactsheetBolbitis scalpturata (Fée) Ching
View FactsheetBolbitis sinensis (Baker) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetBolbitis sinuata (C.Presl) Hennipman
View FactsheetBolbitis tonkinensis (C.Chr. ex Ching) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetBolbitis virens (Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.) Schott var. virens
View FactsheetBolbitis virens (Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.) var. compacta Hennipman
View FactsheetCtenitis dumrongii Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCtenitis subobscura (Christ) Holttum
View FactsheetCtenitis vilis (Kunze) Ching
View FactsheetCyrtomium fortunei J.Sm.
View FactsheetDryopteris cochleata (D.Don) C.Chr.
View FactsheetDryopteris diffracta (Baker) C.Chr.
View FactsheetDryopteris gymnophylla (Baker) C.Chr.
View FactsheetDryopteris hasseltii (Blume) C.Chr.
View FactsheetDryopteris hendersonii (Bedd.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetDryopteris hirtipes (Blume) Kuntze
View FactsheetDryopteris integriloba C.Chr.
View FactsheetDryopteris neoassamensis Ching
View FactsheetDryopteris neochrysocoma Ching
View FactsheetDryopteris polita Rosenst.
View FactsheetDryopteris porosa Ching
View FactsheetDryopteris pseudosparsa Ching
View FactsheetDryopteris rheophila Mitsuta ex Darnaedi, M.Kato & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetDryopteris scottii (Bedd.) Ching
View FactsheetDryopteris sparsa (D.Don) Kuntze
View FactsheetDryopteris subtriangularis (C.Hope) C.Chr.
View FactsheetElaphoglossum angulatum (Blume) T.Moore
View FactsheetElaphoglossum dumrongii Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetElaphoglossum malayense Holttum
View FactsheetElaphoglossum marginatum (Wall. ex Fée) T.Moore
View FactsheetElaphoglossum melanostictum (Blume) T.Moore
View FactsheetElaphoglossum stelligerum (Wall. ex Baker) T.Moore ex Alston & Bonner
View FactsheetElaphoglossum subellipticum Rosenst.
View FactsheetElaphoglossum yoshinagae (Yatabe) Makino
View FactsheetLomagramma sorbifolia (Willd.) Ching
View FactsheetPeranema aspidioides (Blume) Mett.
View FactsheetPolystichum attenuatum Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetPolystichum biaristatum (Blume) T.Moore
View FactsheetPolystichum eximium (Kuhn) C.Chr.
View FactsheetPolystichum hookerianum (C.Presl) C.Chr.
View FactsheetPolystichum lindsaeifolium Scort. ex. Ridl.
View FactsheetPolystichum pseudotsus-simense Ching
View FactsheetPolystichum scariosum (Roxb.) C.V.Morton
View FactsheetPolystichum semifertile (C.B.Clarke) Ching
View FactsheetPolystichum tenggerense Rosenst.
View FactsheetTeratophyllum aculeatum (Blume) Mett. ex Kuhn
View FactsheetTeratophyllum ludens (Fée) Holttum


View FactsheetEquisetum diffusum D.Don
View FactsheetEquisetum ramosissimum Desf. subsp. debile (Roxb. ex Vaucher) Hauke


View FactsheetDicranopteris curranii Copel.
View FactsheetDicranopteris linearis (Burm.f.) Underw. var. linearis
View FactsheetDicranopteris linearis (Burm.f.) Underw. var. montana Holttum
View FactsheetDicranopteris linearis (Burm.f.) Underw. var. subpectinata (Christ) Holttum
View FactsheetDicranopteris linearis (Burm.f.) Underw. var. tetraphylla (Rosenst.) Nakai
View FactsheetDicranopteris speciosa (C.Presl) Holttum
View FactsheetDicranopteris splendida (Hand.-Mazz.) Tagawa
View FactsheetDiplopterygium blotianum (C.Chr.) Nakai
View FactsheetDiplopterygium longissimum (Blume) Nakai
View FactsheetDiplopterygium norrisii (Mett.) Nakai
View FactsheetGleichenia microphylla R.Br.
View FactsheetSticherus hirtus (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetSticherus truncatus (Willd.) Nakai


View FactsheetAbrodictyum idoneum (C.V.Morton) Ebihara & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetAbrodictyum obscurum (Blume) Ebihara & K.Iwats. var. obscurum
View FactsheetAbrodictyum obscurum (Blume) Ebihara & K.Iwats. var. siamense (Christ) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetAbrodictyum pluma (Hook.) Ebihara & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCallistopteris apiifoliia (C.Presl) Copel.
View FactsheetCephalomanes javanicum (Blume) C.Presl
View FactsheetCrepidomanes bipunctatum (Poir.) Copel.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes brevipes (C.Presl) Copel.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes christii (Copel.) Copel.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes humile (G.Forst.) Bosch
View FactsheetCrepidomanes kurzii (Bedd.) Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes latealatum (Bosch) Copel.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes latemarginale (D.C.Eaton) Copel.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes megistostomum (Copel.) Copel.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes minutum (Blume) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCrepidomanes parvifolium (Baker) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetDidymoglossum bimarginatum (Bosch) Ebihara & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetDidymoglossum exiguum (Bedd.) Copel.
View FactsheetDidymoglossum motleyi (Bosch) Ebihara & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetDidymoglossum sublimbatum (Müll.Berol.) Ebihara & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum acanthoides (Bosch) Rosenst.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum badium Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum barbatum (Bosch) Baker
View FactsheetHymenophyllum blandum Racib.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum bontocense Copel.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum denticulatum Sw.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum digitatum (Sw.) Fosberg
View FactsheetHymenophyllum exsertum Wall. ex Hook.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum holochilum (Bosch) C.Chr.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum javanicum Spreng.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum pallidum (Blume) Ebihara & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum polyanthos (Sw.) Sw.
View FactsheetHymenophyllum productum Kunze
View FactsheetHymenophyllum riukiuense Christ
View FactsheetHymenophyllum serrulatum (C.Presl) C.Chr.
View FactsheetVandenboschia auriculata (Blume) Copel.
View FactsheetVandenboschia birmanica (Bedd.) Ching
View FactsheetVandenboschia maxima (Blume) Copel.


View FactsheetHypodematium crenatum (Forssk.) Kuhn
View FactsheetHypodematium glanduloso-pilosum (Tagawa) Ohwi
View FactsheetLeucostegia immersa (Wall. ex Hook.) C.Presl


View FactsheetLindsaea bouillodii Christ
View FactsheetLindsaea chienii Ching
View FactsheetLindsaea cultrata (Willd.) Sw.
View FactsheetLindsaea divergens Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetLindsaea doryphora K.U.Kramer
View FactsheetLindsaea eberhardtii (Christ) K.U.Kramer
View FactsheetLindsaea ensifolia Sw.
View FactsheetLindsaea heterophylla Dryand.
View FactsheetLindsaea integra Holttum
View FactsheetLindsaea javanensis Blume
View FactsheetLindsaea lucida Blume
View FactsheetLindsaea malayensis Holttum
View FactsheetLindsaea napaea Alderw.
View FactsheetLindsaea oblanceolata Alderw.
View FactsheetLindsaea orbiculata (Lam.) Mett. ex Kuhn var. orbiculata
View FactsheetLindsaea orbiculata (Lam.) Mett. ex Kuhn var. commixta (Tagawa) K.U.Kramer
View FactsheetLindsaea parallelogramma Alderw.
View FactsheetLindsaea parasitica (Roxb. ex Griff.) Hieron.
View FactsheetLindsaea repens (Bory) Thwaites var. pectinata (Blume) Mett. ex Kuhn
View FactsheetOdontosoria chinensis (L.) J.Sm.
View FactsheetOdontosoria krameri Fraser-Jenk.
View FactsheetOsmolindsaea odorata (Roxb.) Lehtonen & Christenh.
View FactsheetTapeinidium luzonicum (Hook.) K.U.Kramer
View FactsheetTapeinidium pinnatum (Cav.) C.Chr.


View FactsheetCyclopeltis crenata (Fée) C.Chr.
View FactsheetLomariopsis lineata (C.Presl) Holttum
View FactsheetNephrolepis acutifolia (Desv.) Christ
View FactsheetNephrolepis biserrata (Sw.) Schott
View FactsheetNephrolepis cordifolia (L.) C.Presl
View FactsheetNephrolepis davallioides (Sw.) Kunze
View FactsheetNephrolepis falciformis J.Sm.
View FactsheetNephrolepis hirsutula (G.Forst.) C.Presl
View FactsheetNephrolepis radicans (Burm.f.) Kuhn
View FactsheetNephrolepis undulata (Afzel.) J.Sm.


View FactsheetLygodium circinnatum (Burm.f.) Sw.
View FactsheetLygodium flexuosum (L.) Sw.
View FactsheetLygodium giganteum Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetLygodium japonicum (Thunb.) Sw.
View FactsheetLygodium microphyllum (Cav.) R.Br.
View FactsheetLygodium polystachyum Wall. ex T.Moore
View FactsheetLygodium salicifolium C.Presl


View FactsheetAngiopteris angustifolia C.Presl
View FactsheetAngiopteris evecta (G.Forst.) Hoffm.
View FactsheetChristensenia aesculifolia (Blume) Maxon
View FactsheetPtisana sambucina (Blume) Murdock


View FactsheetMarsilea crenata C.Presl


View FactsheetMatonia pectinata R.Br.


View FactsheetOleandra musifolia (Blume) C.Presl
View FactsheetOleandra neriiformis Cav.
View FactsheetOleandra undulata (Willd.) Ching
View FactsheetOleandra wallichii (Hook.) C.Presl


View FactsheetBotrychium lanuginosum Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetHelminthostachys zeylanica (L.) Hook.
View FactsheetOphioglossum costatum R.Br.
View FactsheetOphioglossum gramineum Willd.
View FactsheetOphioglossum pendulum L.
View FactsheetOphioglossum petiolatum Hook.


View FactsheetOsmunda angustifolia Ching
View FactsheetOsmunda javanica Blume
View FactsheetOsmundastrum cinnamomeum (L.) C.Presl


View FactsheetPlagiogyria adnata (Blume) Bedd.
View FactsheetPlagiogyria pycnophylla (Kunze) Mett.


View FactsheetAcrosorus friderici-et-pauli (Christ) Copel.
View FactsheetAglaomorpha acuminata (Willd.) Hovenkamp
View FactsheetAglaomorpha coronans (Wall. ex Mett.) Copel.
View FactsheetAglaomorpha drynarioides (Hook.) Roos
View FactsheetAglaomorpha heraclea (Kunze) Copel
View FactsheetArthromeris amplexifolia (Christ) Ching
View FactsheetArthromeris lehmannii (Mett.) Ching
View FactsheetArthromeris phuluangensis Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetArthromeris proteus (Copel.) Tagawa
View FactsheetArthromeris tatsienensis (Franch. & Bureau ex Christ) Ching
View FactsheetBelvisia annamensis (C.Chr.) Tagawa
View FactsheetBelvisia henryi (Hieron. ex C.Chr.) Tagawa
View FactsheetBelvisia mucronata (Fée) Copel.
View FactsheetBelvisia spicata (L.f.) Mirbel ex Copel.
View FactsheetCalymmodon asiaticus Copel.
View FactsheetCalymmodon curtus Parris
View FactsheetChristiopteris tricuspis (Hook.) Christ
View FactsheetCtenopterella blechnoides (Grev.) Parris
View FactsheetCtenopterella khaoluangensis (Tagawa & K.Iwats.) Parris
View FactsheetDasygrammitis mollicoma (Nees & Blume) Parris
View FactsheetDrynaria bonii Christ
View FactsheetDrynaria parishii (Bedd.) Bedd.
View FactsheetDrynaria propinqua (Wall. ex Mett.) J.Sm. ex Bedd.
View FactsheetDrynaria quercifolia (L.) J.Sm.
View FactsheetDrynaria rigidula (Sw.) Bedd.
View FactsheetDrynaria roosii Nakaike
View FactsheetDrynaria sparsisora (Desv.) T.Moore
View FactsheetGoniophlebium amoenum (Wall. ex Mett.) Bedd.
View FactsheetGoniophlebium lachnopus (Wall. ex Hook.) Bedd.
View FactsheetGoniophlebium manmeiense (Christ) Rödl-Linder
View FactsheetGoniophlebium mengtzeense (Christ) Rödl-Linder
View FactsheetGoniophlebium microrhizoma (C.B.Clarke ex Baker) Bedd.
View FactsheetGoniophlebium percussum (Cav.) Wagner & Grether
View FactsheetGoniophlebium persicifolium (Desv.) Bedd.
View FactsheetGoniophlebium subauriculatum (Blume) C.Presl
View FactsheetGymnogrammitis dareiformis (Hook.) Ching ex Tardieu & C.Chr.
View FactsheetLecanopteris crustacea Copel.
View FactsheetLecanopteris pumila Blume
View FactsheetLecanopteris sinuosa (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetLemmaphyllum accedens (Blume) Donk
View FactsheetLemmaphyllum carnosum (J.Sm. ex Hook.) C.Presl
View FactsheetLepisorus bicolor (Takeda) Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus contortus (Christ) Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus heterolepis (Rosenst.) Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus longifolius (Blume) Holttum
View FactsheetLepisorus nudus (Hook.) Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus oosphaerus (C.Chr.) Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus scolopendrium (Ching) Mehra & Bir
View FactsheetLepisorus sinensis (Christ) Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus subconfluens Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus sublinearis (Baker ex Takeda) Ching
View FactsheetLepisorus suboligolepidus Ching
View FactsheetLeptochilus axillaris (Cav.) Kaulf.
View FactsheetLeptochilus decurrens Blume
View FactsheetLeptochilus ellipticus (Thunb.) Noot.
View FactsheetLeptochilus hemionitideus (C.Presl) Noot.
View FactsheetLeptochilus macrophyllus (Blume) Noot.
View FactsheetLeptochilus minor Fée
View FactsheetLeptochilus pedunculatus (Hook. & Grev.) Fraser-Jenk.
View FactsheetLoxogramme avenia (Blume) C.Presl
View FactsheetLoxogramme centicola M.G.Price
View FactsheetLoxogramme chinensis Ching
View FactsheetLoxogramme cuspidata (Zenker) M.G.Price
View FactsheetLoxogramme duclouxii Christ
View FactsheetLoxogramme involuta (D.Don) C.Presl
View FactsheetLoxogramme lankokiensis (Rosenst.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetLoxogramme porcata M.G.Price
View FactsheetLoxogramme scolopendrioides (Gaudich.) C.V.Morton
View FactsheetLoxogramme subecostata (Hook.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetMicrosorum heterocarpum (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetMicrosorum insigne (Blume) Copel.
View FactsheetMicrosorum membranaceum (D.Don) Ching
View FactsheetMicrosorum musifolium (Blume) Copel.
View FactsheetMicrosorum pteropus (Blume) Copel.
View FactsheetMicrosorum punctatum (L.) Copel.
No FactsheetMicrosorum sarawakense (Baker) Ching
View FactsheetMicrosorum siamense Boonkerd
View FactsheetMicrosorum superficiale (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetMicrosorum thailandicum Boonkerd & Noot.
View FactsheetMicrosorum zippelii (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetNeocheiropteris normalis (D.Don) Tagawa
View FactsheetOreogrammitis adspersa (Blume) Parris
View FactsheetOreogrammitis congener (Blume) Parris
View FactsheetOreogrammitis dorsipila (Christ) Parris
View FactsheetOreogrammitis reinwardtii (Blume) Parris
View FactsheetPhymatosorus cuspidatus (D.Don) Pic.Serm.
View FactsheetPhymatosorus longissimus (Blume) Pic.Serm.
View FactsheetPhymatosorus membranifolius (R.Br.) S.G.Lu
View FactsheetPhymatosorus scolopendria (Burm.f) Pic.Serm.
View FactsheetPlatycerium coronarium (J.Koenig ex O.F.Müll.) Desv.
View FactsheetPlatycerium holttumii de Jonch. & Hennipman
View FactsheetPlatycerium ridleyi Christ
View FactsheetPlatycerium wallichii Hook.
View FactsheetProsaptia alata (Blume) Christ
View FactsheetProsaptia barathrophylla (Baker) M.G.Price
View FactsheetProsaptia celebica (Blume) Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetProsaptia contigua (G.Forst.) C.Presl
View FactsheetProsaptia obliquata (Blume) Mett.
View FactsheetProsaptia pectinata T.Moore
View FactsheetPyrrosia albicans (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetPyrrosia angustata (Sw.) Ching
View FactsheetPyrrosia angustissima (Giesenh. ex Diels) Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetPyrrosia costata (C.Presl ex Bedd.) Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetPyrrosia flocculosa (D.Don) Ching
View FactsheetPyrrosia lanceolata (L.) Farw.
View FactsheetPyrrosia lingua (Thunb.) Farw. var. lingua
View FactsheetPyrrosia lingua (Thunb.) Farw. var. heteractis (Mett. ex Kuhn) Hovenkamp
View FactsheetPyrrosia longifolia (Burm.f.) C.V.Morton
View FactsheetPyrrosia mannii (Giesenh.) Ching
View FactsheetPyrrosia nummularifolia (Sw.) Ching
View FactsheetPyrrosia penangiana (Hook.) Holttum
View FactsheetPyrrosia piloselloides (L.) M.G.Price
View FactsheetPyrrosia porosa (C.Presl) Hovenkamp var. porosa
View FactsheetPyrrosia porosa (C.Presl) Hovenkamp var. tonkinensis (Giesenh.) Hovenkamp
View FactsheetPyrrosia rasamalae (Racib.) K.H.Shing
View FactsheetPyrrosia stigmosa (Sw.) Ching
View FactsheetRadiogrammitis jagoriana (Mett. ex Kuhn) Parris
View FactsheetRadiogrammitis multifolia (Copel.) Parris
View FactsheetScleroglossum pusillum (Blume) Alderw.
View FactsheetScleroglossum sulcatum (Kuhn) Alderw.
View FactsheetSelliguea ebenipes (Hook.) S.Linds.
View FactsheetSelliguea enervis (Cav.) Ching
View FactsheetSelliguea griffithiana (Hook.) Fraser-Jenk.
View FactsheetSelliguea heterocarpa (Blume) Blume
View FactsheetSelliguea hirsuta (Tagawa & K.Iwats.) S.Linds.
View FactsheetSelliguea laciniata (C.Presl) Parris
View FactsheetSelliguea lateritia (Baker) Hovenkamp
View FactsheetSelliguea oxyloba (Wall. ex Kunze) Fraser-Jenk.
View FactsheetSelliguea pui Hovenkamp
View FactsheetSelliguea rhynchophylla (Hook.) Fraser-Jenk.
View FactsheetSelliguea stenophylla (Blume) Parris
View FactsheetSelliguea triloba (Houtt.) M.G.Price
View FactsheetThemelium tenuisectum (Blume) Parris
View FactsheetTomophyllum subfalcatum (Blume) Parris
View FactsheetXiphopterella hieronymusii (C.Chr.) Parris


View FactsheetPsilotum complanatum Sw.
View FactsheetPsilotum nudum (L.) Beauv.

PTERIDACEAE subfam. Cheilanthoideae

View FactsheetCalciphilopteris alleniae (R.M.Tryon) Yesilyurt & H.Schneid.
View FactsheetCalciphilopteris ludens (Wall. ex Hook.) Yesilyurt & H.Schneid.
View FactsheetCheilanthes argentea (S.G.Gmel) Kunze
View FactsheetCheilanthes belangeri (Bory) C.Chr.
View FactsheetCheilanthes delicatula Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCheilanthes formosana Hayata
View FactsheetCheilanthes fragilis Hook.
View FactsheetCheilanthes krameri Franch. & Sav.
View FactsheetCheilanthes pseudoargentea (S.K.Wu) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCheilanthes pseudofarinosa (Ching & S.K.Wu) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCheilanthes rufa D.Don
View FactsheetCheilanthes siamensis (S.K.Wu) K.Iwats.
View FactsheetCheilanthes tenuifolia (Burm.f.) Sw.
View FactsheetCheilanthes velutina (Tardieu & C.Chr.) Fraser-Jenk.
View FactsheetHemionitis vestita (Wall. ex Hook.) J.Sm.
View FactsheetParahemionitis cordata (Roxb. ex Hook. & Grev.) Fraser-Jenk.
View FactsheetPellaea timorensis Alderw.

PTERIDACEAE subfam. Cryptogrammoideae

View FactsheetConiogramme fraxinea (D.Don) Diels
View FactsheetConiogramme petelotii Tardieu
View FactsheetConiogramme procera Fée

PTERIDACEAE subfam. Parkerioideae

View FactsheetAcrostichum aureum L.
View FactsheetAcrostichum speciosum Willd.
View FactsheetCeratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.

PTERIDACEAE subfam. Pteridoideae

View FactsheetOnychium contiguum C.Hope
View FactsheetOnychium siliculosum (Desv.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetPityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link
View FactsheetPteris aspericaulis Wall. ex J.Agardh
View FactsheetPteris asperula J.Sm. ex Hieron.
View FactsheetPteris bella Tagawa
View FactsheetPteris biaurita L.
View FactsheetPteris blumeana J.Agardh
View FactsheetPteris cretica L.
View FactsheetPteris dalhousiae Hook.
View FactsheetPteris decrescens Christ
View FactsheetPteris ensiformis Burm.f.
View FactsheetPteris grevilleana Wall. ex J.Agardh
View FactsheetPteris heteromorpha Fée
View FactsheetPteris linearis Poir.
View FactsheetPteris longipes D.Don
View FactsheetPteris longipinnula Wall. ex J.Agardh
View FactsheetPteris mertensioides Willd.
View FactsheetPteris multifida Poir.
View FactsheetPteris nepalensis H.Ito
View FactsheetPteris phuluangensis Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetPteris plumbea Christ
View FactsheetPteris scabripes Wall. ex J.Agardh
View FactsheetPteris semipinnata L.
View FactsheetPteris stenophylla Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.
View FactsheetPteris subquinata Wall. ex J.Agardh
View FactsheetPteris tokioi Masam.
View FactsheetPteris tripartita Sw.
View FactsheetPteris venusta Kunze
View FactsheetPteris vittata L.
View FactsheetPteris wallichiana J.Agardh
View FactsheetSyngramma alismifolia (C.Presl) J.Sm.
View FactsheetSyngramma minima Holttum
View FactsheetTaenitis blechnoides (Willd.) Sw.
View FactsheetTaenitis interrupta Hook. & Grev.

PTERIDACEAE subfam. Vittarioideae

View FactsheetAdiantum capillus-junonis Rupr.
View FactsheetAdiantum capillus-veneris L.
View FactsheetAdiantum caudatum L.
View FactsheetAdiantum edgeworthii Hook.
View FactsheetAdiantum erylliae C.Chr. & Tardieu
View FactsheetAdiantum flabellulatum L.
View FactsheetAdiantum fragiliforme C.Chr.
View FactsheetAdiantum gomphophyllum Baker
View FactsheetAdiantum hispidulum Sw.
View FactsheetAdiantum latifolium Lam.
View FactsheetAdiantum membranifolium S.Linds. & Suksathan
View FactsheetAdiantum phanomense S.Linds. & D.J.Middleton
View FactsheetAdiantum philippense L.
View FactsheetAdiantum siamense Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetAdiantum soboliferum Wall. ex Hook.
View FactsheetAdiantum stenochlamys Baker
View FactsheetAdiantum thongthamii Suksathan
View FactsheetAdiantum zollingeri Mett. ex Kuhn
View FactsheetAntrophyum callifolium Blume
View FactsheetAntrophyum obovatum Baker
View FactsheetAntrophyum parvulum Blume
View FactsheetAntrophyum vittarioides Baker
View FactsheetHaplopteris amboinensis (Fée) X.C.Zhang
View FactsheetHaplopteris angustifolia (Blume) E.H.Crane
View FactsheetHaplopteris elongata (Sw.) E.H.Crane
View FactsheetHaplopteris ensiformis (Sw.) E.H.Crane
View FactsheetHaplopteris flexuosa (Fée) E.H.Crane
View FactsheetHaplopteris scolopendrina C.Presl
View FactsheetHaplopteris taeniophylla (Copel.) E.H.Crane
View FactsheetHaplopteris winitii (Tagawa & K.Iwats.) S.Linds.
View FactsheetVaginularia paradoxa (Fée) Mett.
View FactsheetVaginularia trichoidea Fée


View FactsheetRhachidosorus siamensis S.Linds.


View FactsheetAzolla caroliniana Willd.
View FactsheetAzolla pinnata R.Br.
View FactsheetSalvinia cucullata Roxb. ex Bory
View FactsheetSalvinia natans (L.) All.


View FactsheetActinostachys digitata (L.) Wall. ex C.F.Reed
View FactsheetActinostachys wagneri (Selling) C.F.Reed
View FactsheetSchizaea dichotoma (L.) Sm.


View FactsheetArthropteris palisotii (Desv.) Alston
View FactsheetHeterogonium alderwereltii Holttum
View FactsheetHeterogonium hennipmanii Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetHeterogonium pinnatum (Copel.) Holttum
View FactsheetHeterogonium sagenioides (Mett.) Holttum
View FactsheetPleocnemia hemiteliiformis (Racib.) Holttum
View FactsheetPleocnemia irregularis (C.Presl) Holttum
View FactsheetPleocnemia submembranacea (Hayata) Tagawa & K.Iwats.
View FactsheetPteridrys australis Ching
View FactsheetPteridrys cnemidaria (Christ) C.Chr. & Ching
View FactsheetPteridrys syrmatica (Willd.) C.Chr. & Ching
View FactsheetTectaria angulata (Willd.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria barberi (Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria brachiata (Zoll. & Moritzi) C.V.Morton
View FactsheetTectaria coadunata (J.Sm.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria crenata Cav.
View FactsheetTectaria decurrens (C.Presl) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria devexa (Kunze) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria fauriei Tagawa
View FactsheetTectaria fissa (Kunze) Holttum
View FactsheetTectaria fuscipes (Wall. ex Bedd.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria griffithii (Baker) C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria herpetocaulos Holttum
View FactsheetTectaria impressa (Fée) Holttum
View FactsheetTectaria keckii (Luerss.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria laotica Tardieu & C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria manilensis (C.Presl) Holttum
View FactsheetTectaria melanocaulis (Blume) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria phaeocaulis (Rosenst.) C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria phanomensis S.Linds.
View FactsheetTectaria polymorpha (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria rockii C.Chr.
View FactsheetTectaria semipinnata (Roxb.) C.V.Morton
View FactsheetTectaria shahidaniana Rusea
View FactsheetTectaria siifolia (Willd.) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria simonsii (Baker) Ching
View FactsheetTectaria singaporiana (Wall. ex Hook. & Grev.) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria tenerifrons (Hook.) Ching
View FactsheetTectaria vasta (Blume) Copel.
View FactsheetTectaria zeilanica (Houtt.) Sledge


View FactsheetCyclosorus aridus (D.Don) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus articulatus (Houlston & T.Moore) Panigrahi
View FactsheetCyclosorus asperus (C.Presl) B.K.Nayar & S.Kaur
View FactsheetCyclosorus canus (Baker) S.Linds.
View FactsheetCyclosorus ciliatus (Wall. ex Benth.) Panigrahi
View FactsheetCyclosorus clarkei (Bedd.) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus crassifolius (Blume) S.Linds.
View FactsheetCyclosorus crinipes (Hook.) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus dentatus (Forssk.) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus evolutus (C.B.Clarke & Baker) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus exsculptus (Baker) S.Linds.
View FactsheetCyclosorus falcilobus (Hook.) Panigrahi
View FactsheetCyclosorus glandulosus (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus heterocarpus (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus immersus (Blume) S.Linds.
View FactsheetCyclosorus interruptus (Willd.) H.Ito
View FactsheetCyclosorus lakhimpurensis (Rosenst.) Copel.
View FactsheetCyclosorus larutensis (Bedd.) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus lebeufii (Baker) W.M.Chu
View FactsheetCyclosorus megaphyllus (Mett.) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus menisciicarpus (Blume) Holttum
View FactsheetCyclosorus nudatus (Roxb.) B.K.Nayar & S.Kaur
View FactsheetCyclosorus opulentus (Kaulf.) Nakaike
View FactsheetCyclosorus papilio (C.Hope) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw.
View FactsheetCyclosorus penangianus (Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetCyclosorus polycarpus (Blume) Holttum
View FactsheetCyclosorus procerus (D.Don) S.Linds. & D.J.Middleton
View FactsheetCyclosorus prolifer (Retz.) Tardieu ex Tardieu & C.Chr.
View FactsheetCyclosorus repandus (Fée) B.K.Nayar & S.Kaur
View FactsheetCyclosorus rubicundus (Alderw.) S.Linds.
View FactsheetCyclosorus sakayensis (Zeiller) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus salicifolius (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel.
View FactsheetCyclosorus siamensis (Tagawa & K.Iwats.) Panigrahi
View FactsheetCyclosorus subelatus (Baker) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus subpubescens (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus terminans (J.Sm. ex Hook.) Panigrahi
View FactsheetCyclosorus thailandicus S.Linds.
View FactsheetCyclosorus triphyllus (Sw.) Tardieu ex Tardieu & C.Chr. var. triphyllus
View FactsheetCyclosorus triphyllus (Sw.) Tardieu ex Tardieu & C.Chr. var. parishii (Bedd.) S.Linds.
View FactsheetCyclosorus truncatus (Poir.) Farw.
View FactsheetCyclosorus tylodes (Kunze) Panigrahi
View FactsheetCyclosorus unitus (L.) Ching
View FactsheetCyclosorus validus (Christ) Ching
View FactsheetMacrothelypteris ornata (Wall. ex Bedd.) Ching
View FactsheetMacrothelypteris torresiana (Gaudich.) Ching
View FactsheetThelypteris confluens (Thunb.) C.V.Morton
View FactsheetThelypteris dayi (Bedd.) B.K.Nayar & S.Kaur
View FactsheetThelypteris flaccida (Blume) Ching
View FactsheetThelypteris glanduligera (Kunze) Ching
View FactsheetThelypteris hirsutipes (Clarke) Ching
View FactsheetThelypteris laxa (Franch. & Sav.) Ching
View FactsheetThelypteris viscosa (Baker) Ching