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Locate the elements occupied by a taxon
Search for taxa in a selected element

Instructions for searching the BSBI geographical element data

Search for data using taxon names

To see information regarding a particular taxon, enter one or more words from the scientific name in which you are interested into the appropriate fields of the form, eg. generic names in the Genus box and specific epithets in the Species box.

The results of the searches from the various boxes will be combined using a logical AND. That is only searches that match ALL the criteria entered will be returned.

N.B. Entries are NOT case sensitive.

To lookup Gentiana nivalis L., enter:

Gentiana in the Genus box, and nivalis in the Species box.

Multiple search criteria can be entered into each box and should be separated by a comma. For each box, the values returned will be combined using a logical OR.

To look up both Gentiana nivalis L. and Ajuga reptans L., enter:

Gentiana, Ajuga in the Genus box, and nivalis, reptans in the Species box.

Partial word searches can be performed by appending either a ']' or a '*' to the end of a search word. Thus if you entered a search value of Gent] in the Genus box all genera starting with "Gent" would be returned.

Search for data using geographical element names [Search form]

To see the taxa to be found in a particular geographical element, select the geographical element from the list of elements displayed. You may select more than one element. If you do select more than one element data from any of the elements selected will be returned. To clear your element selections without clearing the rest of the form click on the button marked "Clear selections" beneath the element list.

If you are using an MS Windows-based or MAC based browser, in order to select multiple values from the geographical element list you must hold down the control key whilst you click on each option you wish to select. Similarly, if you have selected a group of elements and you wish to remove one from the list hold down the control key and click on the option to be removed.

You may also select a group of geographical elements that appear consecutively in the element list by clicking on the first item in the group and then holding down the shift key whilst clicking on the last item in the contiguous block to be selected.