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Welcome to the BSBI database search facility. We are currently providing you with search facilities into our taxon, literature, cytology and geographical elements data-sets. The BSBI database includes information on the accepted names of all native and alien vascular plants (and Charophytes), together with synonymy and places of publication for those that are established. Vernacular names in English, Welsh, Gaelic and Irish are also provided. The database also contains literature references relating to the British & Irish flora, covering the period 1958-2000, and including all BSBI publications from 1949 onwards. There is also a cytological catalogue which provides information on chromosome counts made on members of the British & Irish flora. Vice-comital census data, being all taxa in Kent's List and Stace's New Flora cross-referenced by the vice-counties in which each taxon occurs, and other data including a specified source for each recordcan be accessed from the VCCC web site.

The taxon database
This data-set can be used to produce a checklist of species or other taxa without reference to their distribution. The list covers vascular plants (Pteridophytes,Gymnosperms and Angiosperms) and Charophytes. The taxa are placed in one of fourcategories:

A1 Those in the List of Vascular Plants of the British Isles (1991) by D.H. Kent, updated to 2000.
A2 The extra taxa in the New Flora of the British Isles ed.2 (1997) by C.A. Stace.
A3 The taxa extra to the above 2 categories in both Alien Plants of the British Isles (1994) by E.J. Clement & M.C. Foster, and Alien Grasses ofthe British Isles (1996) by T.B. Ryves, E.J. Clement & M.C. Foster.
AC Charophytes.

Lists can be supplied without reference to these categories if required, but the subsidiary data concerning the taxa differ as follows. Full details including basionyms and extensive additional synonymy are included in A1 and AC; a limited synonymy only and no places of publication are included in A2; only the authority is included additionally in A3. Names of taxa are classed as "accepted names" ifconsidered to be the correct name in the classification being followed;"basionyms", if the basionym of an accepted name; or "synonyms", if a synonym other than the basionym of an accepted name.

The literature database
This data-set contains information on literature between 1958 and 1998,including all the references published in the BSBI's Abstracts fromLiterature and BSBI Abstracts, with many additional items. It is cross-referenced far more extensively than in the published versions. Searches can be made according to taxon (down to accepted names of genera), geography (down to vice-county), authors, people other than authors and date of publication. Lists can also be provided on the history of botany and on herbaria.

The cytology database
This data-set contains chromosome counts based on wild material from the British Isles. All known counts of native and alien vascular plants are included. Supporting information includes the literature source and details of the locality whence the material came. Note that all counts are reported as "2n" but information is provided on the tissue from which the count was made.