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Cymbella neolanceolata: paired cells at zygotene

Cymbella lanceolata zygotene, nucleolus visible

differential interference contrast optics

Specimen on Geitler collection, box 2, slide 22 (Geitler XXIV). The nuclei in both cells in zygotene of meiotic prophase. In this pair, the haematoxylin staining has remained bright and has not turned brown. The superb fixation and staining of the nucleus and chloroplasts ( with their lobes intact) is evident.


Geitler, L. (1927). Die Reduktionsteilung und Copulation von Cymbella lanceolata. Archiv für Protistenkunde 58: 465–507.

David Mann,
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
February 2013

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