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Meiosis and auxospore data

Cymbella lanceolata zygotene, nucleolus visible

These pages contain miscellaneous images and data on meiosis and auxosporulation in diatoms, relating to publications or used for cross reference from other pages.

The cover image (above) is a new photograph (obtained 2013) from a 1925 preparation made by Lothar Geitler of epiphytes on Phragmites from the Grosser Plöner See, Germany. The material was fixed using Schaudinn's solution (containing mercuric chloride) and stained with Heidenhain's iron haematoxylin (Geitler 1927). The stain has faded around the edges of the preparations but remains strong in places. Shown here are paired cells of Cymbella neolanceolata (formerly Cymbella lanceolata) at pachytene of meiosis.



Geitler, L. (1927). Die Reduktionsteilung und Copulation von Cymbella lanceolata. Archiv für Protistenkunde 58: 465–507.

David Mann,
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
February, June, July 2013

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