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Chloroplasts and symmetry in marine Nitzschia species

Nitzschia dicrogramma

The three photographs at the left show three focuses of a stained cell of Nitzschia dicrogramma from Loch Goil, Argyll, W Scotland. The cell was fixed using Flemming's weak solution and stained in haematoxylin: the chloroplasts have stained a pale brown, while the nucleus (centre figure) is darker reddish-brown. The preparation was made in February 1988 and photographed in 2013.

Stacks available [NB the stacks are supplied as .avi files and we recommend that you view them using Quicktime or other programmes that give you manual control of progression and reversing through the series] [NB individual file sizes are up to 15 Mb]:


Mann, D.G. & Trobajo, R. (2014, submitted). Symmetry and sex in Bacillariaceae (Bacillariophyta), with descriptions of three new Nitzschia species.

David Mann and Rosa Trobajo
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and IRTA Catalonia
February 2014

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