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Key to Bhutanese Umbelliferae Genera (Part II)
Mark F. Watson
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

31 Bracts and bracteoles showy, leaf-like, pinnatifid or 3-fid 32
+ Bracts and bracteoles absent or few, linear to linear-lanceolate 35
32 Bracts and/or bracteoles finely dissected and deeply pinnatifid; fruit oblong, distinctly constricted below the stylopodium, ridges prominent, unwinged Schulzia
+ Bract, bracteole and fruit characters not as above 33
33 Bracteoles not showy, green, membranous Keryamonia
+ Bracteoles showy, with conspicuous pale, white or coloured margin, sometimes stiff and papery 34
34 Bracteoles herbaceous, often white-margined, falling; pedicels moderately long, umbellules not dense Pleurospermum
+ Bracteoles stiff and papery, not white-margined, persistent; pedicels short, umbellules densely crowded Pleurospermopsis
35 Dwarf, acaulescent to shortly stemmed perennials; leaves hispid on margin; main umbel subsessile on crown Chamaesciadium
+ Annuals or perennials with distinct stem; leaves glabrous to variously pubescent but not hispid; main umbel not as above 36
36 Leaves 25-pinnate; stems and undersides of leaves villous; fruit narrowly oblong, c 36 x longer than broad, obscurely ribbed Chaerophyllum
+ Leaves variously dissected but not to 5-pinnate; stems and leaves usually essentially glabrous, but if hairy then not villous; fruits suborbicular to oblong-ovate, less than 3 x longer than broad, prominantly to obscurely ribbed 37
37 Plants often aromatic or foetid; ultimate leaf segments (of upper leaves at least) long linear-filiform, <1mm broad 38
+ Plants usually not strongly scented; ultimate leaf segments not long linear-filiform, >1mm broad 40
38 Large glaucous perennials to 2m tall or more, anise-scented when crushed; flowers yellow; fruit oblong-ovoid Foeniculum
+ Smaller green annuals or short-lived perennials <60cm tall, not smelling of anise; flowers white to purplish; fruit globose to oblong-ellipsoid 39
39 Annuals, foetid when crushed; pedicels subequal; fruits globose to ellipsoid Coriandrum
+ Biennials or short-lived perennials; pedicels very unequal; fruits oblong-ellipsoid Carum
40 Plants 1045cm tall, often suffused purple; rays <5 per umbel; flowers <6 per umbel; fruits ovoid-ellipsoid, ribs narrowly winged Lalldhwojia
+ Plants of varying stature, usually green; rays and flowers more numerous (or plants <15cm tall); fruits subglobose to narrowly ovoid, obscure to weakly ribbed 41
41 Leaves 4-pinnate, held on one plane; bracts and bracteoles present; calyx teeth lanceolate to obsolete 42
+ Leaves ternate or pinnately divided, but not to 4-pinnate; bracts and bracteoles present or absent; calyx teeth obsolete to minute 43
42 Flowers yellow; calyx teeth lanceolate Meeboldia
+ Flowers white; calyx teeth obsolete Vicatia
43 Leaf segments ovate, oblong or lanceolate, 0.54cm broad  Pimpinella
+ Leaf segments lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, <0.5cm broad 44
44 High altitude plants from a woody tap root; bracteoles >3, linear-subulate; petals with a long claw Tongoloa
+ Mid to high altitude plants from a tuber or tuberous rhizome; bracteoles absent to few, early falling; petals not long clawed 45
45 Rhizome usually cylindric, sometimes tuberous; leaves broadly sheathing; outer flowers radiant; petals obovate Sinocarum
+ Plants usually from a short tuber, sometimes rhizomatous, leaves narrowly sheathing at base; flowers regular; petals acute to acuminate with a filiform tip Acronema
46 Flowers yellow 47
+ Flowers white, greenish white, pink, purplish to dark purple 52
47 Leaf segments long and linear to linear-filiform, <1mm broad and >6mm long, aromatic 48
+ Leaf segments not long and linear, >1mm broad or <6mm long, usually not aromatic 49
48 Large glaucous perennials to 2m tall or more, strongly anise-scented when crushed Foeniculum
+ Annuals or short-lived perennials, to 75cm tall, not glaucous Anethum
49 Dwarf, almost stemless plants with a tough fibrous base; leaves pinnate (leaflets pinnatifid), narrowly oblong in outline; ovary densely covered with white hairs Semenovia
+ Plants with erect stems, fibrous at base or not; leaves (1)24-pinnate, triangular to ovate in outline; ovary glabrous or only sparsely hairy 50
50 Plants to 45cm tall; leaves mainly basal, finely 4-pinnate into linear-lanceolate ultimate segments <1mm broad Meeboldia
+ Plants >45cm tall; leaves 12-pinnate into ovate to lanceolate ultimate segments >3mm broad 51
51 Plants erect to scrambling, >1m tall; stem glabrous, leafy throughout; main umbel >25-rayed (else plant scrambling) Angelica
+ Plants erect, 0.51m tall; stem moderately hairy; leaves few, 12 basal and 12 cauline; main umbel <25-rayed Heracleum woodii
52 Outer flowers of umbels zygomorphic with distinctly enlarged outer radiant petals 53
+ All flowers with petals sub-equal 58
53 Annuals, foetid when crushed; at least upper leaves with long linear-filiform ultimate segments <1mm broad Coriandrum
+ Slender to robust perennials, not strongly smelling; leaf segments not long linear-filiform, usually >1mm broad 54
54 Glabrous, slender-stemmed plants, usually <40cm tall 55
+ Hairy (especially around nodes and below umbels), usually robust-stemmed plants, mainly >40cm tall 56
55 Plants from a cylindric or tuberous rhizome; bracteoles absent to few, shorter than pedicels, early falling; petals without a long claw Sinocarum
+ Plants from a woody tap root; bracteoles >3, linear-subulate,  usually longer than pedicels, not early falling; petals with a long claw Tongoloa
56 Bracts and bracteoles numerous, large, lanceolate-ovate, persistant Tordyliopsis
+ Bracts absent or few, early falling; bracteoles linear 57
57 Dwarf almost stemless herbs, <15cm tall Chamaesciadium
+ Taller, long-stemmed herbs, >15cm tall Heracleum

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